Who is the free fire king in India 2022?

Who is the free fire king?:-If you have come to know who is free fire king is, then take heart because today we are going to make a big disclosure about the King of Free Fire.

Game Free fire
Topicwho is the king of free fire
Gamer NameSee Below in details
succes rate25% (average)
Who is the free fire king in India 2022?

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Who is the free fire king reveal ID Name 2022;- In the last few years Free Fire has gotten extremely popular and advanced with its regular updates and fans’ support which have gotten it to its peak.

Who is the free fire king in India 2022?
Who is the free fire king in India 2022?

And now Free Fire Max is on the same route. Many new players are joining every day and most of the old players are still active, but the thing is that not only has the game progressed, the players have also been popular and skillful And there are not only a few players like this there are extremely popular and hardcore Free fire players in every country, And all of them compete each other in e-sports events.

And the fans of the community regularly debate about who is the greatest player or “Who is the free fire king”. And we will discuss this topic today in depth, And after looking at it from every perspective we will find out about the current best player in the world.

Who is the free fire king in India 2022?

First, let’s talk about the most deserving candidates for this title of “ Free Fire King“. There are many deserving and skillful players but we can’t include all of them in the list, so we have put the most recognized players.

We have looked over these players’ social media and game stats and made the decision with the best figures.

1) – Total Gaming

He started doing YouTube when the free fire first started growing, on 9 October 2018 but started a free fire in December 2018, and that changed his life.

Free fire king-1 information
Channel nameTotal Gaming
startedon 9 October 2018 (ff December 2018)
subscribers. 30 million above
gamer tag NameAjju Bhai.
success Rate19.52%.(average in Solo, duo)
Who is the free fire king in India

He did his hard work and soon later became one of the most famous gaming YouTubers while the free fire was in its golden stage, And now has over 30 million subscribers.

Then he started his esports career on 20 august 2020. He has earned a total of about 160,000 Us dollars.

Now, if we talk about his game stats, then his gamer tag is Ajju Bhai.

 He has played over 1027 Solo games and has won 93 games with a 9.05% win rate, he has killed over 2605 enemies with a K/D of 2.79.

Playing over 1828 duo matches has won 357 of them, maintaining a fine win rate of about 19.52%. Has finished more than 7289 opponents with a K/D of 4.96.

He has played most squad matches, He has over 12832 squad matches to his name winning 3058 games developing a win rate of 23.83%, And also has killed more than 49780 enemies which gets his K/D to 5.09.

2) –  Raistar

He is also famous for his YouTube channel which has recently crossed 6.4 million subscribers. His fans recall him for his fast movements and lightning-quick headshots.

Free fire king-2information
Channel nameRaistar
started on 4 November 2019
subscribers. 6.4 million
gamer tag NameRaistar
success Rate a win ratio of 16.69%
Who is the free fire king in India

He is the only free-fire YouTuber unlike total gaming, but similarly, he is also an Indian and just 19 years old.

Started YouTube on 4 November 2019 and is now getting a handful of support from his fans.

Now his game stats, so he has fought over 3548 solo games and has got a victory in 401 of them, corresponding to a win rate of 11.31%. And by killing 10776 he has a K/D of 3.42.

If we talk about duo matches he has played 4497 matches winning 706 of them with a win percentage of 15.69%. Acquiring 14379 finishes he has maintained a K/D of 3.79.

Now coming to squad matches, then Raistar has completed 16523 squad matches resulting in 2758 wins by a win ratio of 16.69% and K/D of 3.95 by killing 54372 of those foes.

3) – Sultan Proslo

Free Fire is also very famous in Indonesia. It has a great fan base there and that great fan base has raised an excellent player which has named SULTAN PROSLO.

Free fire king-3 Player information
Channel nameSultan Proslo
started7 years ago
subscribers. 15.3 million
gamer tag NameSULTAN PROSLO
success Ratea win ratio of 34.26%.
Who is the free fire king in India

He also has a very famous YouTube hub called Dyland Proslo which has been running for over 7 years engaging over 15.3 million people.

He has gained so much respect and skills that most players consider him the best player. The whole community knows him by sultan Proslo but his actual name is Dylan Maximus Zidane.

Now if we talk about his stats in the game, he has played over 638 games solo, acquiring 64 victories leaving him with a win ratio of 10.03% and K/D of 2.95 killings, defeating 1691 opponents.

Getting into duo matches he has completed 108 of them being victorious in 26 maintaining a winning ratio of 24.07% while finishing 323 enemies with a K/D of 3.94.

He has attempted 928 squad games, being the last man alive 318 times, building a win percentage of 34.26%. While beating 2297 foes for a K/D of 3.77.


Talking honestly all of these have a factor that makes them best but we have to choose one with a frozen heart if we talk about total gaming so he is the most subscribed gaming YouTuber in the world and also has played the most games in all of these three, also has fascinating and loyal fanbase an excellent skillset, and sultan Proslo is known the best player in the eyes of his fans but if we take the conclusion of all of their skillsets and fanbase then the person with the best figure is sultan Proslo with the best average win ratio.