Who is the biggest hacker in free fire max-2022

Who is the biggest hacker in free fire max 2022

Who is the biggest hacker in free fire max 2022

Who is the biggest hacker in free fire max? this is a question that arises in the mind of many free-fire players who are annoyed by seeing and being killed by hackers most of the time while playing. This article is going to discuss this topic in detail.

Who is the biggest hacker in free fire max
Who is the biggest hacker in free fire max

Every online game in today’s era such as free fire max and free fire is filled with hackers which is a really bad thing and it spoils the fun of normal players who don’t hack. There are many players who use hacks like diamonds hack, wallhack, aim hack, auto headshot, etc.

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Many players use multiple hacks. Garena has been trying to remove all the hackers from the game and trying to ban all of that hackers, but some of them are just very lucky and the others very smart. So, hackers are still existing in free fire max.

But the main question is who is the biggest hacker in free fire max. Which player uses all the hacks and still exists in the game?

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free fire biggest hacker in India

Who is the biggest hacker in free fire max

The answer to this question is actually very surprising because the biggest hacker in free fire max is a 13 years old Nepali boy named Biraj. Biraj comes under the top 5 hackers in free fire and is considered free fire’s biggest hacker in India.

He uploaded a video on his YouTube channel where he shows that he killed 46 people in a game of free fire in under 1 minute. After that, the video went viral and many people talked about it on social media and he was considered free fire’s biggest hacker.

His channel is currently at almost 60k subscribers and he still uploads and streams on that channel.

How to report hackers in free fire max

I know it’s tempting that you can just get everything you want in the game with a hack and it can attract anyone’s attention but the reality is that if you have everything then there’s no point left for you to play. You just shoot one bullet and win everything.

So, if you don’t want your fun and anyone else’s fun spoiled then just don’t use hacks.

Just like any other thing in existence, free fire max also has some problems but the important thing is that they have also added a solution to that problem.

If you notice a scammer in your team or in the enemy’s team then you should definitely report them so that the developers can remove their account and they don’t spoil anyone else’s fun.

Follow the steps to report a player.

free fire report hacker

Step 1) – If you killed in a squad match then first watch your death replay in view mode.

Step 2) – Now, click on the red alert button in the corner and choose β€œHack” and click confirm the report.

Or if you encounter a hacker while playing a solo match follow these steps:

Step 1) – Leave the match, and now go to the basic tab in settings.

Step 2) – Choose Customer service in the top right corner, click submit a request and choose hacking In the option.

Step 3) – Now, you will have to fill out a form and submit information like the hacker’s ID, in-game name, type of hack used, and video recording attached to it if you have that.

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Conclusion –Who is the biggest hacker in free fire max

The most known hacker in free fire max is Biraj. He lives in Nepal and is 13 years old. He owns a YouTube channel with the name of 2STATE GAMERS. He got famous for a video that he uploaded in 2021 where he killed 46 players under 1 minute during a match.

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