Which is the worst gun in free fire 2022

Which is the worst gun in free fire 2022

Which is the worst gun in free fire 2022

Which is the worst gun in free fire 2022
Which is the worst gun in free fire 2022

Free fire is a very large and versatile game, not only because of its variety in characters, pets, and skins but its range of weapons alone is very vast. Garena has added every category of weapons into the free fire like SMGs, ARs, Snipers, and Shotguns, every one of these categories has many guns, some of those guns are very useful and overpowered and you already know about all those guns but what most people ignore and forget are the worst guns existing in the free fire that you should not use in certain conditions.

This is article is going to completely clear your doubts about the guns that you definitely should not use in difficult situations. This article will include detailed information about the range, damage, magazine, stability, and the other reasons for you to not use the worst gun in the free fire.

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Which is the worst gun in free fire 2022

1) – M60

M60 is an AR(Assault Rifle) and is commonly used by new and noob players because of its accuracy but using this gun is the reason they remain noobs. Even with its positives like nice accuracy, and large magazine capacity, its other points like its super slow fire rate and Incapability in the short-range are too weak to consider it a good gun.

My personal suggestion to you if you prefer to use this gun will be don’t pick it if you don’t have a secondary short-range gun and start being comfortable with other guns with a higher fire rate than the M60.


  1. Decent Accuracy
  2. Large Magazine capacity


  1. Super Low Fire Rate
  2. Unable To Use In Short Range

2) – VSS

VSS is an SMG(Sub Machine Gun) in free fire and is very common to be found on any map. It is the complete opposite of M60, it has completely different positives and negatives.

The things that make VSS unusable are its instability, unpredictable aim, a small magazine of only 15 SMG ammo, and low damage. No one likes to use this gun because it has too many negatives and very minimal positives. I won’t recommend using this in either a short-range or a long-range fight.


  1. High Fire Rate
  2. Long Range


  1. Low Damage
  2. Unstable and Poor Accuracy
  3. Small magazine capacity of 15 SMG ammo

3) – SPAS12

SPAS12 is a Pump Action Shotgun and the worst shotgun in the free fire.

If you look at the other shotguns in free fire, all of them have at least one thing that is completely overpowering like some have very high damage, some have good accuracy and some have great fire rate but SPAS12 here is has good maximum damage of 97 if all the bullet shells hit the enemy, except that SPAS12 is not that great in any of those other things, rather it has very bad accuracy.

So, it only being below average in all the compartments and having the worst accuracy makes it the worst shotgun in free fire and free fire max.


  1. Nice Magazine capacity
  2. Average Damage


  1. very bad accuracy.
  2. Bad Recoil.
  3. Slow fire rate.

FAQ’s(Which is the worst gun in free fire 2022)

Q1. Which is the worst gun in free fire 2022

VSS, has the most negatives among all the other guns in the free fire. Even its good points like long range and high fire rate are a waste with its unstable accuracy, bullet drop, small magazine, and lack of customizations.
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Q2. What is the saddest gun in the free fire?

If you are talking about the worst guns in free fire then there are a couple of them out there. Some of them are:-
SPAS12 Shotgun
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