which is the rarest bundle in free fire 2022

which is the rarest bundle in free fire 2022?

Free fire is a very popular game, and the most popular part of this game after its gameplay is its skins and outfits. So, today in this article we are going to show the best and rarest bundles in a free fire that players own.

This list contains details, names, and images of four bundles in free fire and free fire max in 2022.

which is the rarest bundle in free fire 2022?

1- Sakura Bundle

which is the rarest bundle in free fire 2022
which is the rarest bundle in free fire 2022

When we talk about rarity, this bundle stands the highest in the list, because it is one of the rare bundles which were released in season 1 Elite Pass. Even the biggest streamers and YouTubers don’t own this bundle except for just a few people.

2- Shadow Red Bundle

Top rare bundle in Free Fire

The Shadow Red bundle is a very well-known bundle in free fire, only some of the big streamers have it including Lokesh gamers. It is the second rare bundle in the free fire but everyone wants it.

It was last available in the incubator, but still, many players missed the chance to obtain it. It has black overalls with a red flame design printed on it. Alongside, a white hair ponytail gives it a memorable look.

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3- Bunny Warrior Bundle

bunny warrior bundle free fire
Bunny warrior

As you may have already guessed, it is a very rare bundle with a bunny look, but evidently not just a cute bunny, but a very muscular one.

It was only available once during a bunny event by the developers where the task was to draw a bunny face and send it to them. In overall looks, it’s a blue bunny with pinkish pants and an orange scarf.

The bundle is comprised of the following elements:-

  • Warrior bunny head
  • Warrior bunny shoes
  • Warrior bunny t-shirt
  • Warrior bunny pants

4- Hip Hop Bundle

hip hop bundle free fire
Hip Hop Bundle

This probably has the best balance of rarity and popularity. It has crazy demand among the players but only a few are available because of the last time.

It was available in season 2 elite pass and only a few players could really obtain it at that time because not many players played free-to-fire at that time, but now everyone wants to see it in their collection.

In overall looks, it gives complete vibes of a rich hip-hop star with tattoos and everything.

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