Best character in free fire 2022

Which character is best in free fire-There are a lot of characters in Free Fire, and the fans are always confused about which one should they get, because of the vast variety of their abilities. There are two types of abilities of characters, one of them is a passive ability, this type of ability has no cooldown and works continuously for the player.

The second type is an active ability, this type of ability has a cooldown and only works by the player’s desire, but most of the time the active ability has more effect than a passive ability, that’s why about all of the best characters have an active ability. Today here, we are going to suggest one of the best characters in Free Fire that you can get to help you out in improving your gameplay.

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List of the best character in free fire

1)- DJ Alok (Drop the Beat)

It is one of the most appreciated and famous characters because of both, its looks and its ability. Its ability is called “Drop the Beat” and is one of the most useful abilities in the game.

Alok character of free fire, which character is best in free fire
Alok character

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Its ability creates a 5-meter circular area around it that follows its movements, the area increases the speed of the players and their teammates who are in the zone by 15%. Moreover, it also recovers the HP of the player and its teammates who are in the zone by 5 HP – sec, and it lasts for 10 seconds with a short cooldown.

2)- Wukong (Camouflage)

The unique style, looks, and ability make it one of the best characters in the game. Its ability is called “Camouflage” and does the same work as it sounds.

It transforms the player into a bush and grants the ability to move without making a sound and also increase the speed a little. Its ability makes it really difficult for the enemy to find and shoot at the player. It has a cooldown of 250 seconds and reduces as we upgrade its levels. It is also cheaper in comparison to the others.

3)- Skyler (Riptide Rhythm)

It is one of the latest characters in the game but is already the favorite character of many gamers because of its usefulness in multiple spots. It’s based on the popular music artist son tung MTP.
Its ability is known as “Riptide Rhythm”.

Skyler character of free fire, which character is best in free fire
Skyler character

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It’s also an active ability that allows players to release a sonic wave that can break any gloo wall within a 50m radius. It also recovers 4HP on each gloo wall deployed. This combination of active and passive abilities makes it a great choice for CS mode and Custom matches


If you are looking for a character with a useful active ability, the options given above are the most considerate options for you in 2022. We cannot state anyone’s best character because every character has an ability that may be the most useful for one person and of no use for some other person and there is no character with the best ability.

So, the choice of the best one for you is only in your hands, but I am sure our suggestions would have helped you with your decision.

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Q1- Which is the best gold character to buy?

There are a lot of characters that you can buy using gold, but most of them are not generally useful. Some of the better choices we have are Xayne, Kelly, and Maxim. You can read their description in the game. Kelly and Maxim have a passive ability and both of them are useful in both CS mode and Battle Royale. Xayne unlikely has an active ability and is also similarly useful in both CS and Battle Royale mode.

Q2- Which is better DJ Alok or Chrono/Cr7?

Alok. Both of these characters have an active ability, but still, they have a completely different use. You may want to use Alok if you are a rushing player and have to move and heal fast. However, Chrono also has a very useful ability. His ability has been nerfed from when he was introduced, now he can only defend up to 600 damage, but cr7 is still a good deal.

Q3- Which is better K or Alok?

Alok. Where K is great for early games fighting because you can kill the close-by enemies with your fist and without a gun, Alok can also be useful in the late game. You can still use K for CS matches.

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