New Gloo Wall Skin In Free Fire: Heatbound Desert

Garena has revealed many of it’s upcoming items in the international server, and all those items are going to also appear in our indian server. One of those items is the Heatbound Desert Gloo wall skin.

It is a normal type gloo wall skin without any animation, but still is a good looking skin. Fans are looking forward to all the upcoming items, including the Heatbound Desert gloo wall skin, and today, here we are going to get you a close look at this new skin.

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New Latest Upcoming Heatbound Desert Gloo Wall Skin In Free Fire

Free fire gloo wall on black background, upcoming free fire gloo wall skin

This is mixture of Black & Golden colors. The whole background is painted Black, but the main Eagle is painted by Golden, and small and light hexagons all around it, which makes it’s design more complete.

Even though it is based on the new Heatbound Desert bundle, but it is very different from it in its own way.

This is a very unique design, because it displays both Shiny and Dark theme. It is very well detailed and designed and many players are going to like it.

This will be a more respected item, if it’s price gets lower to 600 diamonds, it will be worth it for the gamers.

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