Top 5 best gun in free fire of 2022

5 best gun in free fire of 2022-Hello fellas, if you are a Free fire beginner, you must be confused about which weapon you should pick up in Battle royale and which one should you use in CS mode, but this article will be definitely a huge relief for you.

In this article, we are going to suggest the best Guns in a free fire that can help you win every booyah you want.

There are not only multiple weapons, but also multiple categories of weapons like Pistol, Machine Gun, Sniper, Shotgun e.t.c.

We will suggest a mixture of weapons from all the categories, and also give you their precise stats. So, just stay until the end, and we are sure that you will have great clarity about your favorite weapon.

The weapons we are going to show here are not going to be Categorized or ranked, all of these weapons are from different categories, so we can not rank them, so please read the article keeping that in mind.

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Listing the 5 best guns in free fire of 2022

1) – M249 (Light Machine Gun)

This gun has the largest magazine capacity in-game, it can shoot 100 bullets with each reload. It is not very easy to get because it’s a airdrop exclusive weapon. Known as the best LMG, it can deal a decent amount of damage even from a long distance from the enemy. Players can wipe entire squads with this weapon.


Damage 57
Rate of Fire59
Reload Speed48
Movement Speed 58
Armor Penetration 0
best gun in free fire

2) – SKS (Marksman Rifle)

This is one of the best long-range rifles available in the game. However, it has got very tough competition with Woodpecker which deals a greater amount of damage, but SKS has got its lead in the matter of range.

You can use this weapon in CS mode if you get a large map and also in Battle Royale. This is not an airdrop weapon, so it’s not very hard to find. An alternative for this could be Woodpecker.


Damage 82
Rate of Fire 35
Reload Speed41
Movement Speed62
Armor Penetration46
best gun in free fire
Pubg ka baap kaun?

3) – MAG-7 (Shotgun)

The best-known short-range weapons are shotguns. Free fire shotguns also do have a wide range of variety, and every single one has an advantage and disadvantage.

Damage is an advantage for this one, in short-range it almost deals the same amount of damage as a sniper, but it also has a big disadvantage because of its magazine capacity and fire rate, but it is still one of the most balanced shotguns you can get in Free fire. If you are not a shotgun person then you should try MP40.


Rate of fire53
Reload speed55
Movement speed73
Armor penetration0
best gun in free fire
Best gun in Free Fire for headshot,best gun in free fire
best gun in free fire

4) – Desert eagle (Pistol)

This gun is like a sniper without a scope, because of its long-range and high damage we have considered this in our list. You can use this as your pistol or your third weapon, but in tough situations, this can be your primary weapon too. Many people use this CS mode because you can buy this in early rounds.

It also has some disadvantages like its fire rate and it is very hard to aim in a short range which makes it difficult to use, but one’s you master this weapon, you can improve your K/D like nothing else.


Rate of fire33
Reload speed69
Movement speed76
Armor penetration0
best gun in free fire
best guns in free fire of  2022
best gun in free fire

5) – M82B (Sniper Rifle)

You may think that AMW is the only good sniper, but the reality is that AMW is really hard to get because it is an airdrop-exclusive weapon, but on the other side you can find M82B commonly in any area, but don’t mistake it a rarity for it’s potential.

It is the second-best sniper in Free Fire with hardly any disadvantage. With its long-range high damage and armor penetration, it is the most balanced sniper rifle in Free Fire.


Rate of fire27
Reload speed41
Movement speed70
Armor penetration54
Best assault rifle in Free Fire

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Q1) – Which gun is the best gun in Free Fire?

There isn’t a perfect answer to this question, but there are some great and overpowered weapons in every category like:-
-MP40 – SMG for short-range flights.
-AMW – Sniper for long-range and 1 bullet kill on a headshot.
-MAG-7 – Shotgun for ending short-range clashes in minimum time.
-M249 – LMG for mid-range fights also works in short-range and long-range.

Which MP40 is best in Free Fire?

5 of the Best MP40 Skins In Free Fire.
-MP40 – New Year.
-MP40 – Carnival Carnage.
-Mechanical MP40.
-MP40 – Royal Flush.
-Predatory Cobra MP4

Which shotgun is the best in the free fire?

MAG-7 is the strongest shotgun with the maximum damage of 89 and the capability of killing any foe with just one headshot, even with just 2 bullets every reload you can kill anyone even without hitting a headshot in 2 bullets.

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