Top 5 AWM gun skins in Free Fire Max

AWM gun skins in Free Fire max-If you play Free Fire, then there is no doubt that your favorite sniper must be AWM. It’s a great sniper rifle and currently, there is no competitor for AWM in Free Fire in terms of damage and range and other stats, but there is something even better than an AWM, an AWM with good skin.

Free Fire consistently releases new skins for every weapon, including the AWM, and today we are going to tell you about the best AWM gun skins in Free Fire max available right now, that can improve your impression in the lobby with their looks and gameplay.

Best skin of AWM in Free Fire,Top 5 AWM gun skins in Free Fire Max

Top 3 Best AWM gun skins in Free Fire max

1) – Butterfly AWM

It was released in the weapon royale and fans loved it, the black and the red color combination gives a killer look to the gun and the player, and not only that, but it can also kill enemies very quickly. The skin gives the sniper a double fire rate that allows it to clean its enemies at double speed, also the increased ammo capacity is great for battle.

Both of these positives make it a great weapon but there is also a problem, the skin increases its reload speed which can be a great problem during a fight without any other decent gun. So, this was all its positives and negatives, now you can decide if it is a nice weapon for you or not.

(Cheetah awm skin in free fire)

2) – Cheetah:swift AWM

This is a cheetah theme gun, it is bright and amazing because of its Golden and Black color with black dots on the Golden just like a cheetah.

If you get annoyed when you have to hit multiple bullets because the enemy is wearing LVL 3 helmet and vest, then you no longer need to worry about it if you have a Cheetah: swift AWM, because of its double damage, it can one-shot enemies easily.

The negative point for this one is its magazine capacity, even though it has a lower bullets capacity it can still wipe out squads with a skilled user. It is a value-for-money item if you do invest your money in games.

3) – FURINKAZAN(Street Fighter) -AWM

The newly released Street Fighter update has brought these new AWM gun skins in Free Fire max, with a completely different shape and size, and also the unique Red and White color combination and the blue Aura around it, it definitely looks awesome.

It can also fight well and kills a lot of enemies because of its ability to double damage and the improved reload speed it is a complete pack. It can also be used for mid-range battles along with long-range battles. The downward is that it also has decreased bullets capacity which stops it from being a short-range gun too. It still is a great weapon and can also be used in CS mode along with the Battle Royale mode.


Currently, these three are the best available AWM gun skins in Free Fire max that you can use for your battle, there will be further changes that may change this but at the time of writing and for a couple of weeks or months ahead these will be the best.

In conclusion, these three are all great in their own way and has their own advantage, so you have to decide if that advantage is good for you or not. We can’t decide for all of you so you have to decide for yourself which is the perfect one for you. You can suggest us other topics or changes in the comments and also check our other gaming-related articles on to be connected to the latest gaming topics.

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