Top 10 battle royale games for Android

Top 10 battle royale games for Android: After the huge success of games like PUBG and Free Fire, the popularity of the Battle Royale games genre has been boosted in an unexpected place. After witnessing the ban of both of these games, the players are looking for alternatives to these games.

Some players are also just bored by playing the same game with the same mechanics and graphics again and again and the remaining ones are finding gaming with lower required specifications. So, to solve all these troubles we have published this article to help those gamers by revealing the “Top 10 battle royale games for Android”.

Some of these games are AAA games that you already would have heard about, but we are going to provide in-depth knowledge about those games. We have also given alternatives for people with low-end devices.

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List of Top 10 battle royale games for Android

10) – Rules of Survival

Top 10 battle royale games for Android
Low MB battle royale games

It is a cloned version of Players Unknown Battlegrounds. It also has similar gameplay, you have to jump out of a plane and then find weapons, using them you have to fight the other players, there are a total of 120 players in one match.

It is a clone but it still has its own element of uniqueness like its weapons and vehicles. Just like the other clones you have seen, this one also has some lag issues and bugs but this one is still a better option than the others. You can download this for free on your Android.


Top 10 battle royale games for Android
top 10 battle royale games android under 500mb

As you may have noticed from the name, this is a copied version of PUBG but this one is especially for the low-end devices, and some players also play it just enjoying the fun element of the game which comes from its graphics which are inspired by Lego.

Apart from its graphics, it has pretty much the same gameplay which comprises looting, killing, and lasting the longest among the other players in a fight to the death. It also has some additional features like in-game chat and auto shooting. I highly recommend it to you because even with its similarities with PUBG, this game will still give you very different vibes than PUBG. This one is also available on Android.

8) – Knives Out

There is not much to tell about this game too. It is a clone version of PUBG and Rules of Survival. The main goal is to survive among 100 other players and survive the longest.

The graphics are very comparable to PUBG but cannot say the same about uniqueness. There are not many lag issues but you can expect some minor bugs. It is a free-to-play game for Android.

7) – Guns Royale

Top 10 battle royale games for Android
Top 10 battle royale games android

This is one of the few battle Royale games that provide unique and different gameplay. However, it is still based on just Guns, Shooting, and Killing. The first noticeable thing you will see is its graphics which are not at all realistic but still gives a catchy feel to the game and the second thing to notice is its 2.5d perspective or you can say three-quarters isometric vision.

The game provides a free for all shooting game mode and all you have to do is kill. If you do not like its different gameplay then it is understandable because it is a game that doesn’t match everyone’s taste, but some of you will surely love it. Like the other games, this one is also free to play.

6) – Fortnite

Top 10 battle royale games for Android
Top 10 battle royale games for Android

You must have heard about Fortnite. At some point, it was the most popular game in the Battle Royale genre. It was officially released for Android but it was not that hyped at the time of its release.

Its gameplay is quite different from other Battle Royale games, obviously, your main goal is to jump out of a plane with another 100 people and land on an island to find guns and loots by which you kill and eliminate your enemies, but it differentiating factor is it’s crafting and building. In this game, you defend yourself by building walls and also traps.

If you have played or planning to play it on a PC then you also have the option to sync your data on your phone and PC. Like every other game, this one is also free to play.

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5) – Apex legends Mobile

Top 10 battle royale games for Android
Top 10 battle royale games for Android

In February 2019, EA released a Battle Royale game for windows and consoles. That version of the Apex legends was a huge success and EA has decided to launch its mobile version now. Apex legends mobile is going to be very similar to the PC version with all the features enjoyable on mobile.

The purpose is to win the match with your teammates by surviving till the last. This differs from other battle royale games because you and your teammates get to choose a character, every character has a unique ability that can use during the game.

There are many different game modes including Battle Royale, but because it is only released recently, there’s a possibility that you will face some bugs but they will be resolved by the developers soon. You can download apex legends in the Play store for Android smartphones.


In India, PUBG once brought a new era of gaming in which every person, whether he has a Mobile or a PC was enjoying a common game called PUBG(Players Unknown Battlegrounds). However, PUBG was later banned in India by the government for having relationships with a Chinese company, Tencent games.

Krafton resolved this problem by bringing a newer version of the game after removing the partnership with the Chinese corporation and the game was called BGMI.

BGMI has absolutely similar gameplay to PUBG but some things are censored in this version like there are no visuals of blood instead they used flowers and this version is particularly for India. You can download it on the play store.

3) – Call of Duty

Top 10 battle royale games for Android
Top 10 battle royale games for Android

The Activision fans who like the Call of Duty series also followed the franchise on their mobile game “Call of Duty Mobile”. Activision has really polished this game well and left no compromises for the gamers.

Call of duty mobile has a Battle Royale mode along with many other game modes. The gameplay is typical, you have to land with hundred players on an island and defeat your enemies using the collected loot from that island.

There are also many additions that make the game interesting like the choice to choose an ability for your character, for example – Engineer, Ninja. There is also a revive card that can be used to bring your teammates back after their death.

The game includes fascinating vehicles like tanks and quad bikes and obviously many new guns too. These are some of the reasons for us to choose it in our top 3 “Top 10 best battle Royale games for Android”.

2) – PUBG New state

Top 10 battle royale games for Android
Best battle royale games for Android in India

It is the second part of the legendary game ” PUBG MOBILE ” With better gameplay and mechanics. Even though the main gameplay is similar to the original game but it still makes a big difference with its new and improved mechanics, better graphics, e.t.c.

This version is more intense because the map is much smaller but the number of players has also reduced from 100 to 60. The downgrade is that it is not practical to run PUBG New state on low-end devices. So, if you have a nice smartphone and you are also looking for an intense Battle Royale game, this may be your best shot.

1) – Free Fire/ Free Fire Max

Top 10 battle royale games for Android
best battle royale games for android in india

As we now have discussed all the previous dominators in the battle Royale games genre, this is the time to take a look at the current most popular Battle Royale game “Free Fire”.

Free fire has gained its popularity from its regular events and collaborations with many franchises. In a usual battle Royale match, you land with 50 other players on the map/island, there are a variety of maps available to be played.

The game also has characters with special abilities. Its gameplay is almost the same as BGMI, but mechanics like its gloo walls feature and the mechanics in CS mode are very different than BGMI. It has a very wide category of weapons and vehicles.

Even if you have a low-end device, you will still not face any major issues. All of these features are the reasons for its position in our “Top 10 best battle Royale games for Android 2022”.

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