Pubg vs free fire which is best in the world?

Pubg Vs Free Fire which is best– This has been a controversial topic for a long time now, players of both the communities are loyal and always try to find an edge over their competitors.

The clash grows even bigger because of their similarities in their gameplay and also in their features, and those similarities have also taken Garena to court because Krafton filed a case against them for copying their product, but we aren’t going to talk about that today.

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Today we are going to compare these two greatest mobile battle royale games. But we are not going to give any decision because we respect both the communities and we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, so we request you to be your own decision maker on the basis of the information we provide below.

Pubg vs free fire which is best
pubg vs free fire which is best

History of PUBG

Pubg is a short form for Players’ unknown battlegrounds which was developed by Tencent Games and published by Krafton on 23 March 2017 for PC and on 9 Feb 2018, it got released for Android and IOS.

The involvement of Tencent also made some issues for the game in India where the majority of its players belong.

Because Tencent is a Chinese company and also got accused of stealing players’ information from the game, the Indian government banned Pubg in India which affected the brand heavily and they faced a long downfall.

pubg vs free fire users in world

But it ended on 2 July 2021 when Grafton rereleased Pubg in India with the name of BGMI(Battlegrounds Mobile India). And at the time of writing, it has 100m users.

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Now let’s talk about the gameplay, so you must know it’s a battlegrounds name where 100 players along with you land on a stranded island and you have to collect guns, ammunitions, vests, helmets e.t.c to survive till the very last to collect your chicken dinner as a reward.

The other main features are that you can talk with your teammates while playing, you can build guilds and there’s also a ranking system where you play ranked games to increase your rank by every kill you get and every game you win but you can also decrease your current rank while doing that.

History of Free Fire

Everything is very similar in both the games like the release date of Free Fire is 23 august 2017 which is very close to Pubg.

It was earning its bread and butter until it got its chance when Pubg was banned in India and it gained its very loyal players and popularity.

But in terms of downloads free fire surpasses pubg, which has 500m users which is very far from pubg but we have to keep in mind that these numbers are from after the ban. The gameplay part, as I have told you is very similar.

It’s a battle royale game where you land on an island and have to collect guns and survive, but unlike pubg where you have 99 opponents, here you have only 49, which decreases the gameplay time.

And again similarly it has got a voice chat feature too. But here’s a difference here you not only have to get good skills but also good skins and characters because every gun skin and character has got its own ability that can help you during the match.

You can get many skins with gold which you earn by playing games but there are also some characters that you have to buy with diamonds which will cost you real money.

Pubg vs free fire which is best in the world

Now let’s compare both of these games on the basis of their gameplay and features. Pubg vs free fire

Conclusion: pubg vs free fire vote
We have given you all the information that can tell you which game is best for you, we can’t tell the choice which is best for everyone because the best choices are always subjective.

You just have to decide that you like a realistic, heavy graphics and wide features game like pubg Or colorful and low specs demanding and short duration matches in games like Free Fire.