How to use Gloo Wall in free fire max?(2022)

How to use Gloo Wall in free fire max 2022

How to use Gloo Wall in free fire max 2022

Gloo walls are a type of utility in the free fire that everyone loves and uses. There are many kinds of shields and placable walls in many games but the way gloo walls can be used in free fire is unmatchable.

How to use Gloo Wall in free fire max
How to use Gloo Wall in free fire max

Knowing the right way to use gloo wall is what differentiates pro players from noob players in free fire max, and if you want to be recognized as a pro player by your friends and teammates then read this whole article and follow our suggestions.

All of the players including noobs and pro players in free fire max know how to place a gloo wall and the new players simply use it to block enemy bullets but you can do so much more with them only if you know all the techniques.

So, kindly read everything and apply it while playing free fire max and give us feedback in the comments.

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How to use gloo wall in free fire max 2022

This is a very detailed and ideal article if you are wondering about How to use gloo wall in free fire max.

4) – Climb and fall from buildings by gloo wall

Free fire gloo walls are as strong as new as long as they are fired at or blasted by a grenade. So, you can do anything to them without fear except fire at them. So, one use of their height and width comes out to be climbing and coming down.

If you are trying to enter a building without using a door or window because of some situation such as the enemy is camping at the entry or has placed a gloo wall at the entry and you want to enter without any noise then you can climb to the roof by gloo walls.

If you are stuck on a tall building then you can also come down without taking much damage by using gloo walls.

First, you have to get somewhere higher than the ground.
Now, place a gloo wall in a type that its top is higher than your spot but not too high.

Now, jump on that gloo wall and repeat these steps until you reach the top.
You can also come down in a similar way, just place the gloo walls down instead of high, and the gap between gloo walls while coming down can be much larger than when you were climbing up.

3) – Block entry into houses by gloo wall

House to House fights are really common in free fire and free fire max. If you are a camper in free fire max or just hiding in a house because you are rank-pushing then there must have been situations where the enemy silently rushed into your house or building and killed you from behind without you even knowing.

But sometimes you barely survive in a fight and enter a building to heal and revive your teammate and the enemy team rush at you in that situation.

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Actually, gloo walls can save you from that kind of situation. Gloo walls are big enough to block any big or small door in free fire max and free fire and also strong enough to consume a magazine of bullet or a grenade from the enemy.

So, you can easily block the entry to your building and do whatever you want and if an enemy tries to enter a building, he will first have to destroy a gloo wall and you will be warned by the enemy’s attempt to break the gloo wall and it will also give you a chance to prepare.

2) – Stop and stuck vehicles by gloo wall

There are many good drivers in free fire max and free fire, they run over their enemies to kill them. You must have been targeted and killed by vehicles many times if you have played free fire max and free fire enough times.

Gloo walls in free fire max and free fire are unbelievably robust and can resist almost anything in this game including bullets, grenades, and vehicles. You can stuck a car or any other vehicle by a gloo wall easily only if you have the right timing.

To stop a vehicle by a gloo wall, first, you have to get a gloo wall in your hand, then wait for the vehicle to come close to you, and just as the vehicle gets near you, place a gloo wall between the vehicle.

Now, the vehicle will be completely stuck in gloo wall and there is no way to get it out before breaking the gloo wall.

1)– Heal and revive with help of gloo wall

As we are talking about all the modern, new, and unique ways of using gloo walls, we should not forget the sole purpose of gloo walls which is blocking and hiding, in fact, this is the most useful thing that you can use a gloo wall for.

You can make round and circular walls around you if you are standing on plain land without any buildings or if you are trying to heal or revive your teammate. You can stay in it until the zone arrives or the enemy breaks it, but you can always place another one at the same spot.

It is a great strategy to put the enemy into a panic situation so that the enemy makes the mistake of rushing blindly toward you and getting killed. According to me, this is the most simple and best way to use gloo walls in free fire max and free fire.

Conclusion -How to use Gloo Wall in free fire max

You can use gloo walls in many methods to do many different things:

  • Stop and stuck vehicles
  • Block entries into houses
  • Make a cover to heal and revive
  • Climb buildings

Q1. How to place a gloo wall fast in free fire?

Step 1) – First, empty your hands in the game.
Step 2) – Now, look at the place where you want to place the gloo wall.
Step 3) – Now, tap and hold the left fire button.
Step 4) – A gloo wall will be immediately placed at that location, if you want to place just one gloo wall then release the fire button fast or just hold the button and place the gloo wall wherever you want immediately.

Q2. How to get gloo walls in free fire max?

You can pick gloo walls from places like:
Mr. Waggor pet
Death crates
Vending machine
Houses and buildings

Q3. How to get gloo wall skins in free fire?

There are two events where free fire gives away free gloo wall skins and they are:
Invite and earn
Watch to win (FFWS) Free Fire World Series.
Both of these events are annual and you have to wait a whole year for them to come. Open this article for detailed information about gloo walls.

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