How to push rank in free fire max 2022

How to push rank in free fire max 2022:-

How to push rank in free fire max 2022:-

Garena free fire max is supposed to be a very competitive and fast pace game. You get a certain position at the end of every match but that is not the only place you are ranked, Garena has added a lot of ranking like experience level, and K/D ratio but the most important of them all is the badge ranking system.

How to push rank in free fire max 2022
How to push rank in free fire max 2022

This system starts at Bronze and adds, loses points according to your performance after every ranked match, and goes up to the highest rank which is Grandmaster.

After every season you get special and rare awards from Garena based on your ranking. You are also judged by your friends and teammates according to your rank.

So, all these factors make a higher rank very important in the free fire max. All of you surely know how to play free fire max but when you are playing to improve your rank the basics change a little bit.

In this article, we are going to list the details about the things you have to keep in mind while playing ranked matches to push your rank.

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How to push rank in free fire max 2022

1) – Play Duo or Squad Matches

There are some players who prefer to play alone without teammates but if you are one of these people, let me tell you that it is not a very effective strategy in the rank push. Even if you don’t have very pro friends it is still better to play with them than play alone.

The reason behind this is that when you play alone and get killed early all the hope is gone and you lose a lot of points which you have to recover by playing and winning the next games and sometimes you are not able to do that so instead of increasing your rank you decrease it.

If you play with your friends and get knocked down you still have hope to be revived, even if you die your teammates can still continue to play and if you wait for them to finish you also get points just to be their teammate. Even if they don’t win and they will get some points for a long match duration and it is surely better than getting no points.

2) – Choose the right Character, Abilities, and Pets

In the free fire max, you all must be aware of the Abilities and Pets system and its vitality. By choosing the right abilities, characters and pets you can be advantaged for the match.

How to push rank in free fire max 2022

You can choose 1 active, 3 passive, and 1 pet with its ability. So, in total, you can take advantage of 5 sides.

You can use the active ability and character as your previously used character but if you want some suggestions, the best options for active abilities are- Alok, K, Wukong, and Chrono.

Now, the passive abilities are even more important than the active ability as you can use them at any time in a match, and also you can choose 3 of them. The best options for passive abilities are:- Kelly, Moco, Maxim, Rafael, and Hayato.

Now, let’s talk about the best Pets that you can use for the rank push. The best pet options are:- Mr. Waggor, Poring, and Spirit Fox.

3) – Keep track of the Safe Zone

In the free fire max, when you are playing ranked matches the situation is usually very intense, most of the time you are busy fighting or camping or doing some other stuff but that is when most players make a mistake.

When you land somewhere on the map and the start goes very well, most players get too much involved in that particular spot and forget to catch up with the zone, and then either you die in the zone or get shot by a player who is inside the zone.

To avoid these mistakes you should find a vehicle early and keep it with you until the zone gets very short so that you are able to get in the zone even if you are far away. You can also use devices like the info tool which tells you the location of the next zone.

4) – The right Loadout

Free fire max has this unique system for its Battle Royale matches where you can take some supplies with you that can help you at any point of the match. These are not common supplies and you cannot find them normally in a match.

Most players don’t take Loadout seriously and choose a random Loadout and don’t even use that Loadout in a match, this mistake gives the enemy who properly knows how to use their Loadout an advantage.

You can use your own creativity to choose a perfect Loadout combo that suits you but the most famous combo that pro players use is the Bonfire and Scanner combo.

You can figure out your combo by looking at the following options:–Bonfire, Summon Airdrop, Resupply Map, Bounty Token-Armor Crate, Supply Crate, Leg Pockets, and Scanner. You have to choose one from both lists.

5) – Play Classic matches before Ranked matches every day

If you are even a very pro player in free fire or any other game every day your first few minutes in a match are not the best glimpses of your gameplay. After playing a few minutes you regain your muscle memory and play your normal gameplay and it is a fact.

According to this logic, you should every day play one or two matches Classic matches to be at your best, if you straight up start a Ranked match then you are simply putting your rank points at risk.

I am sure these tips will help you to push your rank, if you enjoyed this article (“How to push rank in free fire max 2022”) please don’t forget to visit our site.

How do you push a rank in free fire Max?

Here are some of the quick tips to push rank in the free fire max.
1)Play more BR mode.
2)Don’t play solo matches try to pay squad or Duo match.
3)Try to be defensive.
4)Use a Good combination of character and skill.
5)Be with your squad.

What is the easiest way to rank a push in Free Fire?

You can push your rank faster and easier than others by just surviving for a longer time period rather than tempting for kills and drops. Try to play more BR squad mode by this there will be more chances to be in the match for a longer time.

What mode should I push rank in Free Fire?

Br mode is the mode to push your rank faster and easier. But it’s a myth because sometimes playing regular BR mode leads to getting eliminated faster. This is my personal experience, we can’t say any specific thing related to this.

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