How to level up fast in free fire max 2022

How to level up fast in free fire max 2022 for beginners

How to level up fast in free fire max 2022 for beginners

Leveling up is a system that exists in free fire, free fire max, and almost every other game. The level of a person’s profile tells us, how much experience he has in the game and how good of a player he/she is.

How to level up fast in free fire 2022
How to level up fast in free fire 2022

If you are a beginner in free fire and getting restricted from doing things because you have a low level, then I can assure you that this problem of your will end as soon as you start applying and following our suggestions written in this article.

I believe the main reason which you won’t level up so fast is that you want to look like a pro veteran player and not a noob and beginner in front of your friends and teammates, then let me tell you that your level is not the most important thing to flex, the most important thing is your rank and thankfully we have already written an article about increasing your rank in free fire and free fire max, here is the link:-How to increase rank in 2days

Actually, the ranking system also gives better rewards than the leveling system. But if you have some other reasons or you just want to remove all the restrictions imposed on you for low ranking then read the full article.

How to level up fast in free fire max 2022

The increase in your level only and directly depends on the experience points you receive for doing things playing a battle royale match or completing missions, etc.

You need a certain amount of experience points to upgrade from one level to another, and the higher level you are reaching the more amount of points you will need. For example, going from level 55 to level 56 will alone take more time than reaching from level 1 to level 5.

So, if you are a beginner it is easy for you to reach a decent level fast.

There are two reasons to level up in free fire for beginners, the first reason is the rewards that you receive upon every level up but these rewards are not so good and worth the while that’s why nobody gives them that much attention, and even beginners don’t need those rewards.

The main reason is that when you are a low-level player you have many restrictions like you can’t play ranked matches until level 12 and you also can’t play clash squad and many more.

Best ways to level up fast in free fire max 2022 for beginners

The following methods are the best ways to level up in the free fire, especially for beginners.

Play ranked matches

You may have heard of many tricks to level up that are so complex and hard to understand and follow, but most players make the mistake of not following the simplest ways, and one of those ways is playing ranked matches.

How to level up fast in free fire max 2022

You also get experience for playing classic matches but the experience points are 20%-30% higher for playing ranked matches. You can play either a ranked battle royale match or a ranked clash squad, both of them give experience points.

The most important thing that you have to remember while playing matches is that you don’t get experience points if you leave the match before losing.

If you are playing a solo match then you can simply start a new match after dying in the previous one, but if it’s a duo or a squad match then you have to wait for your teammates to complete the match.

There’s an advantage in playing with a squad because then even if you die early, you don’t lose your rank points unless your teammates die with you too. If your teammates survive till the end you also get the rewards.

This method does put your ranking at a risk but that is just a risk you have to take and in case even if you do decrease your rank, no worries because you can read our other article based on the best ways to increase your rank in free fire, the link is given in the second paragraph of this article.

Daily missions

This one is another very simple method by which you can increase your level by not doing anything extra. If you are even a casual free fire player then you must know about daily and active missions and how they work but let me tell you about them further.

You receive multiple active/daily missions every day and you get things like gold and experience by completing them.

The number of experience points you receive after completing daily missions is not very high but it still is better to get something extra than to get nothing.

EXP cards

EXP card is a type of utility that can be used to get double experience points in the free fire. So, the simple mechanics of EXP cards is that you use an EXP card, then whatever you do next gives you 50% or 100% extra experience points than what they give usually.

Get EXP cards for free – How to get EXP card for free

There are two types of EXP cards in the free fire. Firstly, the 50% exp card gives 50% extra experience for completing a match, completing a mission, etc. The other one is a 100% exp card that gives double experience for completing matches and missions.

The 100% exp card is not very easy to get and can only be obtained from the store with 100 diamonds, an Elite pass, or in some special events.

However, the 50% card is less rare and you can obtain it if you are part of an active guild or from an event.

Double exp events

Free fire is famous for its regular updates and unique events. One of those events is the double exp event, in this event you get double experience points for everything.

So, the time between the start and the end of this event is the best time to play the most matches and increase your level.

If you also use an EXP card in this event then the speed at which you can level up is just unmatchable by any other method. Even if you are a beginner, you can easily get up to level 18 or 20 from level 1 if you play enough matches.

The only problem with this method is that this event is occasional and only comes once in several months so you have to wait to use your exp cards but once this event comes, your wait will show its worth.

Buy or spend diamonds

Most of the players don’t prefer using this method including me but it is the harsh reality. Garena gives the players who spend real-life money in free fire an unfair advantage over the other players, which is totally not written.

How to level up fast in free fire max 2022
How to level up fast in free fire max 2022

Diamonds can help get almost everything in the free fire and leveling up.

So, this trick is very simple, if you are okay with spending your money on free fire then simply buy some diamonds from the free fire store and you will receive experience points and whenever you spend diamonds, you again get experience points.

So, this means that you can simply buy experience level in the free fire without even being a good player.

Conclusion –How to level up fast in free fire max 2022

There are multiple ways to increase your level some of them require money and some don’t.

  • Only play ranked matches
  • Use EXP cards
  • Complete daily missions
  • Buy or spend diamonds
  • Play in double exp events by using EXP cards to get the maximum experience points.


How to increase level in free fire fast?

These are the methods by which you can increase your level in free fire:-
Play ranked matches
Complete daily missions
EXP cards
Double exp events
Buy or spend diamonds
Open this article for the full information

What is the highest level in free fire?

Free fire developers claim that there are infinite levels in the free fire. Currently, the highest level achieved is level 100 by one player. You can also increase your level very high if you open this article and read all the methods.

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