How to headshot in free fire with desert eagle

how to headshot in free fire with desert eagle

how to headshot in free fire with desert eagle

This article is a full guide for learning on delivering One-tap headshots on your enemies.

Desert Eagle gets very overpowered when used with the right skills, but it is very difficult to aim at the head with Desert Eagle for almost every player until they use the following tips that we have given below in this article.

I can promise you that your One-tap with Desert Eagle will improve a lot after using these tips.

Top 5 Most Useful Tips on how to headshot in free fire with desert eagle

1) – Always Use The Default Aim Setting

Free Fire has three settings for aiming, first, one is called “Default”, the second one is ” Full control ” And the last one is “Precise on Scope”.

In the last two normally you have full control over the aim and there’s no auto-aim to help you in shooting from a long-range or a very close range.

However, the first one which is called ” Default ” Helps the players in aiming near the enemy, and that is also the one that helps in One-taps the most.

So, keep in mind to keep your aim setting always on “Default”.

Free Fire Desert Eagle headshot Image, how to headshot in free fire with desert eagle
how to headshot in free fire with desert eagle

2) – Don’t Go Too Close To The Enemy

Although Desert Eagle is a kind of pistol and pistols are supposed to be used at short range, that’s not the case with Desert Eagle free fire.

If you fire from very close range, the bullet will be automatically shot towards the body and not the head, so it’s very important that you only use desert eagle from Mid-range, long-range and also you can use it a little closer when you are skilled enough by first playing from Mid-range and long-range.

3) – Don’t Fire Continuously

When you are in an intense fight it’s natural to miss some shots, especially in Clash Squad matches, but the thing that you have to remember is don’t fire continuously after missing the last one.

This is because if you fire continuously towards the enemy, the highest chances are that you will shoot at the same spot because the aim will get stuck at the same point on the enemy, and also that will increase the recoil so you will miss every time more badly than the last time.

So, to avoid it you have to take cover after missing every shot and then aim again and shoot and also move your aim while you are in the cover.

4) – Don’t Use Joy Stick

Most of the new players make the mistake of moving while shooting imagining that it will improve their aim, but actually, if you move while you are trying to hit a headshot you can never hit a headshot.

The best way is just to come out of the cover, show quick actions, stand still, and with a perfectly normal or rotation drag, you can perfect a headshot with a desert eagle easily.

5) – desert eagle headshot setting

free fire eagle
desert eagle free fire

Free Fire desert eagle headshot setting-There is many other things also that you need to keep in mind before shooting, if you have a premium smartphone like iPhone Or any other smartphone which has a very smooth display then you should keep your general and red dot sensitivity near 80%-85%.

If you have a budget smartphone phone then just max out the sensitivity to 100%. Always try to keep the enemy that you are targeting to your right side.

Desert Eagle is a Mid-range and short-range weapon, so don’t try to use it while you are very far or too close to the enemy.

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6) – Use Skins With Improved Recoil

This topic is also going to tell how to get free skins in the free fire so read till the end.

If you are a hardcore free fire fan then you may not like this statement but the actual truth is that free fire is partially a pay-to-win game and having more money and better skins give you an edge over the people who don’t have them.

We also have a solution for people who can’t afford skins, we already have written an article which includes all the legal and easy ways that can get diamonds in the free fire for free without getting you banned, here is the link:- How to hack diamond in the free fire without a ban.

Now, let’s talk about what types of skins you should get.

Every skin increase or decrease an attribute in the gun and for more chances of headshot by a desert eagle, you should a gun which improves your desert eagle’s recoil also if you believe that you have a perfect aim then you should choose a skin that doesn’t affect the accuracy or if you think you need better aim then use a skin with increased accuracy.

There’s one more very common situation where a player is only able to set aim on the body and not the head, in that situation you should use a skin with decreased accuracy.

One thing you should remember is that in any of these situations, skin with improved recoil will only help you.

FAQs [How to headshot in free fire with desert eagle]

Q1. How to one tap headshot with desert eagle in free fire?

Ans – You can improve your chances of hitting a one-tap headshot by the following tips:-
1). Keep your aim a little below the enemy’s head and drag up every time you shoot.
2). Don’t touch your joystick while dragging to hit a headshot.
3). You should not go too close to the enemy.
4). Open this article for many other tips to hit headshot with the desert eagle.

Q2. What is the free fire Desert Eagle headshot setting?

Ans – This is the best headshot setting for one tap headshot with a desert eagle in the free fire in 2022:-
General – 85-90
Red dot – 90-100
Free look – 95-100

I hope you enjoyed our article “how to headshot in the free fire with desert eagle” for suggestions and queries please comment below, we’ll try to answer the questions and execute your suggestion until BYE BYE.

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