How to hack diamonds in free fire 2022(without ban)

If you are looking for “How to hack diamonds in free fire 2022” then you are on the right place .Today we are going to tell you how can you get free fire diamonds for free.

If you are looking for “How to hack diamonds in free fire 2022” then you are on the right place .Today we are going to tell you how can you get free fire diamonds for free.

Free fire max is very popular and one of the top grossing and highest money-making games in India, this money is earned by selling items inside the game, and many players like to buy these items.

Free fire max keeps on introducing new items in 2022, and most of those items can be only obtained by using diamonds which have to be bought with real money. Today we are going to show you many ways which you can use to buy any in-game item you want.

In this article, we are going to discuss How to hack diamonds in free fire 100% Working methods. Basically, we are going to discuss every possible way to get Unlimited Free Fire Diamonds for free.

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How to hack diamonds in free fire(safe and direct methods)

  1. Discord servers:- There is many Free fire max diamonds discord server that gives Redeem codes for diamonds and other items for free so you have to be active and claim those redeem codes before everyone. This is a very genuine and effective way of getting free fire max diamonds for free.
  1. Giveaways:- There are many small free-fire max YouTubers and streamers who giveaway free diamonds to grow their channels, you have to find their videos and live streams and claim the free items and diamonds from them.

There is a very effective way of finding giveaway live streams and videos so to find those, follow the steps:-

  1. Open YouTube and search for free fire max diamonds giveaway.
  2. Click on the filters button and choose the upload date as “Last Hour”.
How to hack diamonds in free fire 2022
How to hack diamonds in free fire 2022
  • Leave everything else and click on “Apply”.
  • Now try to redeem codes from every latest video and live stream and some of them will surely work.
  • BOOYAH! *:- BOOYAH! is originally a free-fire live streaming platform for content creators to stream and they also have the option to make short videos.
  • This platform gives you a chance to show your skills to the other players and earn gifts from them in exchange. If you think you can make engaging videos for your fellow players, you should definitely try this app.

Free Airdrops Method

How to hack diamonds in free fire 2022
How to hack diamonds in free fire 2022

This is the most genuine and easy method of free fire max to get free diamonds. You may hear about airdrops and how amazing loot they contain but airdrops also cost money. I am going to tell you a trick using which you can get the best airdrops for free.

This is trick is very less popular that’s why it works the most.

For this method, first, we need at least 10-30 rupees but don’t worry because I am going to get you that money without any effort.

You have to follow my steps.

First, you have to download an app called “EarnEasy” From the play store. EarnEasy is an online earning app for earning a small amount of Paytm money. It is totally a genuine app and you can easily earn enough money for your top-ups through it.

In EarnEasy you have to share your referral link to your friends through your app and for every referral, you get 15 Rupees. You have to convince any of your two or three friends to download this app and withdraw that amount.

  1. After withdrawing your money by the steps given above now you should have more than 30 rupees.
  1. Open free fire or free fire max and go to settings, and log out of your account.
  2. Make a new account or a guest account.
  1. Start a classic match in the new account and perform well, there will be new players in the game so winning will be very easy.
  1. After finishing the match and returning to the lobby, you will get a special airdrop. If you didn’t get an airdrop then play another match or open the game after a while.
  1. But the special airdrop with the money from the EarnEasy app.
  1. Gift the item that you want from the new account to your original account with the diamonds that you receive.

This is a very genuine and easy trick and you can also repeat the steps for earning more free fire diamonds.

Google Opinion Rewards

How to hack diamonds in free fire 2022
How to hack diamonds in free fire 2022

This trick is very famous among pro players for doing a top-up without getting banned because this one is a completely legal trick. For this trick, we have to take help from an app called “Google Opinion Rewards”. This app gives free money for doing simple things.

Here are the steps to use Google opinion rewards and get free diamonds:-

Step 1) – Go to the play store and search for ” Google opinion rewards “, and download the app.

Step 2) – Open the app and register for it by filling out some basic information and G-mail ID.

Step 3) – After registering, you will receive surveys consisting of some questions that you have to answer.

My suggestion is that do not rush in completing the survey, wait some time before answering every question, and you can also give wrong answers. This way you will receive more money.

Step 4) – After completing some surveys, now you should have more than 30 rupees which you have to use just as told in the next steps.

Step 5) – Now, open Free fire max and start a classic match on the Bermuda map. You have to exit the match before the blue zone appears.

Step 6) – After returning, you will now receive a special pack including around 300 Diamonds and priced at 30 rupees, simply buy that and you now have 300 hundred free fire max diamonds for free.

The best thing about this trick is that you do not need to worry about getting banned by Garena because this is an absolutely legal trick and you are also secured because the Google opinion rewards app is truly owned by Google itself.

Free fire max diamond generators

How to hack diamonds in free fire 2022
How to hack diamonds in free fire 2022

There are certain websites that provide the players with free diamonds in free fire or free fire max.

There are many free diamond generators on the internet but most of them are fake and do not work, but today I will tell you about one of the few working Free fire max diamonds generators.

For using the Free fire max diamonds generator, you have to be very careful because many diamond generators do not work or you misunderstand the way of using the Diamonds generator. So, you have to follow the given steps to get Free fire max diamonds for free:-

How to hack diamonds in free fire 2022

Step 1)– First, you have to open the Free fire max diamonds generator website by the given link

Step 2) – Now, you will reach the destination page where you will see a place to enter your Username or Game ID. Enter your Game ID or Username.

Step 3) – You will now have to tell whether you play on Android or IOS.

Step 4) – Now, click proceed and after reaching another page, select the number of diamonds you need( I recommend 50000).

Step 5) – After clicking generate and completing the human verification, you should receive the Free Diamonds in a little while.

After completing these steps, you can receive up to 50000 free diamonds. If you don’t receive the diamonds then repeat the process.

Free fire max diamonds Redeem codes

How to hack diamonds in free fire 2022
How to hack diamonds in free fire 2022

This is another safe and legal trick for players to get free fire max diamonds for free. This trick is associated with Redeem codes and here you do not have to download any app.

You have to copy the Redeem codes given below and paste them into the free fire max official website.

You can find Free fire max Redeem codes yourself or copy the Redeem codes from below:-

free fire redeem code 2022

DF097GHYF6HG (Latest)
DS32HG89D7S6 (Latest)
DKFP9F767S56 (Latest)
DFHP098Y87SH (Latest)

Steps to use Free fire max Redeem codes:

Step 1) – Open the free fire redemption website

Step 2) – Login with your free fire max account

Step 3) – Enter your Redeem code of 12 characters.

Step 4) – Click on “Redeem” then open your Free fire max and click on the message icon on the top right and collect your reward.

Advance server free fire max trick

This trick is not known to many players and it is a very secret method. It’s called the advance server trick and also there are zero chances of getting banned by this trick.

Unlike the other tricks, you will actually need to put some effort into earning those free fire max diamonds but that will be worth it because there is a 100% guarantee of earning free fire max diamonds free by this method.

To get the advance server free fire max and free diamonds, you have to follow the given steps:-How to hack diamonds in free fire 2022

  • 2.Now, log in with your account and download the advance server apk.
  • 3.In the free fire max advance server, log in with the same account by which you logged-in in on the advance server website.

Now, you have to simply play and enjoy the game and find mistakes, bugs, or glitches in the game and report those bugs and glitches to Garena.

You can also complete the other tasks to earn diamonds

-10000 Free Fire diamonds for free
-25000 Free fire diamonds for free

On an average every rare and legendary item in free fire max is priced around 500 to 800 diamonds, that means if you want to get every legendary character, item, and skin then you should have around 10000 to 25000 diamonds or more and here we are exactly going to discuss the best way to earn 10000 diamonds in free fire max for free.

For this method, we are going to use an app called Media Rewards App.

The media rewards app is a very complex to use for most the people so here are the steps that you have to use in order to earn 10000 or more diamonds in free fire max

Step 1) – Download Media rewards app from the given link:-download reward app

Step 2) – Sign up for the app by your google account.

Step 3) – Now, you will reach the home page of the app, there will be many small tasks to finish.

Step 4) – Earn app points by completing those tasks until you have enough to exchange 2500 rupees. You can withdraw that amount to your Paytm Or amazon gift card.

Step 5) – Use that money to top up 10000 diamonds into your account.

This is a very safe and secure method of earning 10000 or more diamonds in free fire max. You can also repeat the process if you want and earn more diamonds in free fire max from it.

Free fire max VPN trick to earn Diamonds

How to hack diamonds in free fire 2022

The free fire max VPN trick is also a very popular method among pro players to get free items in free fire max.

For this method, we are gonna have to use a VPN to change our device’s location. You can use any VPN you want but I will recommend POTATO VPN as it’s free and work well.

Follow the below steps:-

  1. Open your VPN.
  2. Connect your VPN to the Vietnam server.
  3. Now open free fire max and go to settings and log out.
  4. Now, confirm that you are successfully connected to a Vietnamese server and make a new account.
  5. Your new account can be a guest account or you can sign up by the other methods.
  6. After logging in to the Vietnamese free fire max, you will see many new offers and limited-time items that were not present in your normal account.
  7. Get diamonds and your favorite items and send them to your original account.

Free fire max Partner program

This is a program that is officially managed by free fire max developers Garena. By joining this program you can get exclusive gifts, rewards, and also so many diamonds.

The criteria for being approved in the free fire max partner program is to own a YouTube channel with decent subscribers and 50% videos based on free fire.

To enroll in the program, follow the given steps:-How to hack diamonds in free fire 2022

  • 2.Find and click on the “Apply” button.
  • 3.Fill out the required and basic information regarding your YouTube channel.
  • Submit your information and wait for your application to be approved.

After being part of the partner program, you will directly receive 1000 diamonds as a signup gift. This is the best way to get many items in free fire max for free.

Double top-up diamonds

If I tell you that there is a way by which the diamonds that you are going to get in the future can be doubled then you must get surprised, but this is true.

There are some free fire max diamonds top-up websites where you will receive double diamonds for doing a top-up than the original method of buying diamonds.

Here are the steps you must follow to double your future diamonds

Open your browser and click here.

Now, click on log-in and select player ID.

Enter your player ID.

Click on the login.

Choose the diamond’s top-up plan and the payment method.

Proceed and complete the payment.

You will receive double diamonds than your original top-up plan as a bonus.

You have to keep in mind that this is only a limited-time offer that returns in some months of the year so you have to keep the track of the upcoming double diamonds event.

FAQ’S on How to hack diamonds in free fire 2022

Q- Can we hack free fire diamonds?

Ans- No, because in recent times, Garena has worked a lot on their security and has banished most of the previously illegal methods. So, now to get free diamonds and not get banned players to have to take the help of legal and working tricks of free fire and free fire max of getting free diamonds.

Q- Which app can hack Free Fire diamond?

Ans- There are very few apps that can help players in today’s era in getting free diamonds but we can get free diamonds by an online earning app “EarnEasy”. There is a secret trick that we can use by this app to get unlimited free diamonds in the free fire for free. The trick is called the Free Special airdrop trick. Open the article for full details.

Q- How do you get 25000 diamonds in a Free Fire?

Ans- You can get 25000 or 50000 diamonds in free fire or free fire max for free by using an app called Media rewards app that you can use to earn free fire diamonds for free. In this app, you simply have to sign up and complete the given tasks for points and you can later exchange those points for Paytm cash or an Amazon gift card. Then, there is a method to get double top-up diamonds which you can use to double the diamonds you are going to buy with that trick. Open the article for full details.

Q- How to hack free fire diamonds and coins?

Ans- We have told various methods of getting unlimited free fire diamonds like the advance server method, partner program method, free airdrop method, and also many other 100% working diamond generators and tricks that can get you free diamonds without a ban. In order to get unlimited gold, then that is not very hard either. You have to get some 2x gold cards and play many classic matches for a couple of days and you will have unlimited or enough gold for you to play. Open the full article for details of every method.

Q- How to hack free fire diamonds with no human verification?

Ans- If you are failing a human verification box multiple times even by being right, you must be on a fake website or diamond generator. You should close that website immediately. You can check out our article for actually working methods of getting free unlimited free fire diamonds.

Q- Do free fire diamonds generators still work?

Ans- Garena has been really strict on the illegal methods of getting free diamonds like diamond generators so all of the old diamond generators do not work now. Most of the new diamond generators are fake and unsafe. So, we can say that diamond generators do not work now but there still are legal methods to free fire diamonds for free.

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