How To Get Universal Fragments In Free Fire for free 2022

How To Get Universal Fragments In Free Fire for free 2022

If you are a pro-free-fire player, then you know how important it is to level up your character in free-fire, and for doing that you need character fragments.

But universal fragments are something that has made this whole thing a lot easier because using it you can quickly level up any character.

How To Get Universal Fragments In Free Fire
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Hey, friends, I am Ajay from and today in this article we are going to talk about “how to get universal fragments in the free fire for free in 2022”.

What is a universal fragment in free fire?

Generally, it would be best if you had specific fragments to enhance and level up each character, every character has its own fragments, but with universal fragments,

You can upgrade or enhance any character you want without worrying about whether you have specific fragments or not. so, it is a really useful item.

How to get Universal Fragments in Free Fire MAX

These are all the legitimate ways of getting free universal fragments in free fire max easily.

1- Claiming badges ( Easiest way)

If you are a player, who has an elite pass then the whole process is really easy, especially for you. For having the elite pass you get special gifts as you increase your rank or you get the free pass rewards.

But in elite pass rewards, you get E.P badges which can be used to claim 500 universal badges easily for free in exchange for 220 badges.

How To Get Universal Fragments In Free Fire for free 2022

2- Weekly Missions (Completely free)

This is one of the ways where you get free badges but only in a limited amount. It is a really simple concept and you also may already be aware of it.

You get some missions at the start of every week, some of them offer universal fragments, complete those missions and claim your universal fragments.

3- Events ( Available Seasonally)

It has a similar concept to weekly missions. An event arrives in the game, you check out the rewards if it contains universal fragments, you complete the mission and claim universal fragments for free.

It is more rewarding than the weekly missions, it gives out rewards and universal fragments in greater amounts.

4- Honor Score

It is a new feature in free fire and free fire max, and it also gives free awards. The amount of universal fragments given is not large but still, it’s better than nothing.

You just have to make sure you don’t break certain rules, if you do you drop your honor score and terminate matchmaking, but if it stays higher than 100 you get 20 free universal fragments at the start of every week.


You can get free universal fragments in free fire or free fire max by following the given methods.

1- Use EP badges

2- Weekly missions

3- Events

4- Honor score rewards

Read the full article for details of these methods.

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