How to get magic cube in free fire max 2022

How to get magic cube in free fire max

How to get magic cube in free fire max

How to get magic cube in free fire max, Image of magic cube of free fire max
How to get magic cube in free fire max

Magic cubes are one of the best ways to obtain great outfits and skins in Free Fire MAX.

Garena frequently introduces new magic cube events, in these events you have to complete certain tasks to get magic cube or pieces of magic cube which you can later exchange for other rewards.

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These rewards sometimes are very useful and rare so it is very important for the players to get magic cube. Garena has recently revealed some of the new rewards of the magic cube event. So, now that we all know the use and importance of magic cube, I can tell all of the steps to get a magic cube for free in Free Fire MAX in 2022.

Bundles available in Magic cube exchange event*

These are the following 10 bundles which are going to be available for the upcoming magic cube event.

  • Moonlight Ballad Bundle
  • Enchanted Fable Bundle
  • Verdict Ironface Bundle
  • Judgment Ironface Bundle
  • The Era of Gold Bundle
  • The Age of Gold Bundle
  • Berserker Bundle
  • Full Leather Bundle
  • Kinship Clan Bundle
  • Ice Age Bundle

Steps :How to get magic cube in free fire max

The upcoming magic cube event is starting on 25th of may and will end on 27th may. You will have to play some matches between these days to obtain the free magic cube. There are going to be 10 options for outfit bundles in this event.

Step 1) – Open Free Fire MAX and log in to your account.

Step 2) – Open the calender icon on the right side of your screen on the home page.

Step 3) – Now, find and click on the Main event page and select the “Claim Free Magic Cube” Option.

Step 4) – Now, here you can find the option to get your free magic cube, claim it.

Step 5) – Get your favorite bundle among the options by exchanging the magic cube and ENJOY.

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