How to get gold in free fire without ban 2022

How to get gold in free fire Easily without ban 2022

How to get gold in free fire Easily without ban 2022

When most of the players only focus on diamonds, gold is ignored but what many players don’t know is that gold is also a great in-game currency to buy items.

How to get gold in free fire without ban 2022
How to get gold in free fire without ban 2022

Obviously, it can’t buy rare and legendary items like diamonds but it can still get you some good things like spins in gold royale where you can get many rare items for free, many characters and clothes. So, now you know why gold is important and how much it’s worth. Now comes the part where I tell you about what is written in the title, “How to get gold in free fire”.

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The best thing about gold is that Garena doesn’t intend to sell gold for real life like diamonds, instead, they have added a lot of ways to get gold in the free fire for free. We are going to tell about every possible to get gold in free fire easily free.

How to get gold in free fire

1) – Gold cards

Gold cards are items that can get you thousands of gold upon use. There are two varieties of gold cards, 50% gold card and 100% gold card. The 100% can get you double gold but are very expensive, they cost 100 diamonds.

The 50% gold card can get you 1.5x gold and are also available for free as a log-in reward via guild sign-up. So, if you have one completely free day just use your gold card that day and play many matches, and getting thousands of gold will not be hard at all.

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2) – Gold royale bonus rewards

The gold royale in free fire offers two types of rewards, the first type of reward is that you randomly get by using your gold coupon or gold, and the second type is bonus rewards boxes which you get as bonuses after using gold royale certain amount of times like 1st time, 5th time, 10th time, 15th time, 20th time.

For collecting the first bonus reward you don’t even need to spend any gold because you get 1 gold royale coupon every day for free.

Unlike gold royale rewards, bonus rewards are fixed, for spinning the gold royale for the first and fifth time, you can collect 100 gold and for the 10th, 15th, and 20th spin, you will get a gold royale voucher, tokens, pet food, supplies.

3) – Seasonal/Ranking rewards

While most players only consider rankings as the symbol of skills but they also leave players with awesome awards like vouchers, tokens, supplies, crates, and gold. You get these rewards at the end of every season but that’s not a very big worry because free-fire seasons are often very short.

These rewards are distributed among players according to their ranking at the end of the season. You can easily get between 1000 – 5000 gold based on your ranking between bronze and heroic.

4) – Daily rewards

This is the most common and easy way to get gold in the free fire. You don’t even have to play the game or complete a mission, you just have to open the game and claim the rewards. Daily rewards can not get you a lot of gold but at least some of it which you can use at gold royale to get more gold.

5) – Mails

Many times, Garena sends you free rewards like temporary skins, clothes, outfits, and gold free randomly in your mail for some event or for completing some mission that you probably don’t even know of, but if you don’t open the emails and not claim the rewards, that gold goes into waste.

That means opening your mail tab randomly can be beneficial sometimes. So, don’t forget to open your mail in free fire frequently.

6) – Play Ranked matches

Playing ranked matches is the best and most common way of getting gold in the free fire. The amount of gold you get depends on how well you perform in the match and what is your ranking in the current season.

You get between 300-600 gold for playing and winning a ranked match. So, even if you play just 5 matches a day, you can still easily earn more than 1000 gold just by playing and even more if you follow the other methods.

7) – Complete guild and daily missions

By this method, you can unintentionally earn many gold dailies by just playing normally. You get two types of missions every day, guild missions and active missions. Garena daily brings multiple missions for players which are very easy to complete and can get you free gold.

To complete the guild missions, first, you will have to join a guild and only then you can start completing those missions. You can earn hundreds of gold every day by just doing this.

Conclusion|How to get gold in free fire without ban 2022

There are many ways to earn gold in the free fire. You should log in regularly and collect log-in rewards, complete daily missions, join the guild, and complete individual guild missions.

You should use gold cards and play ranked matches, collect rewards from emails, and use free spin in gold royale every day. If you follow these steps regularly then you can easily get enough gold to buy any gold item in free fire very quickly.

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