How to get free pet in free fire 2022

How to get free pet in free fire 2022

How to get free pet in free fire 2022

free fire free pet hack app,How to get free pet in free fire 2022
How to get free pet in free fire 2022

Pets are the unique and enjoyable elements of free fire and free fire max. Pets in free fire and free fire max were introduced long after the launch of the first version of free fire but these pets have managed to develop their importance and popularity among the free fire players. Most pets give a unique advantage to their owners during a game.

If you have a lot of real-life money which you can easily spend on a game like free fire then this article is of no use to you but the people who don’t have the money to simply buy the pets should definitely look into this article. The best pets with the best abilities are only available to be bought with diamonds which will cost you a lot of real-life money.

So, for the solution to this, we are publishing this article on “How to get free pet in free fire 2022” with the best methods of attaining any pet for free in free fire or free fire max.

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How to get free pet in free fire 2022

1) – Free Special Airdrop

Garena frequently gives the free fire and free fire max players special offers for selling their game items including Pets in the form of Airdrop. These Airdrops sometimes contain great and cheap offers. It can cost you between 10-80 Rupees for buying one Airdrop but I am going to tell you a method for getting a free Airdrop with a legendary pet completely for free.

Step 1) – Download the EarnEasy app from the play store.
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Step 2) – Sign up for the EarnEasy app
Step 3) – Earn and withdraw money from the EarnEasy app.
Step 4) – Open free fire or free fire max and sign in to your account.
Step 5) – Start a classic match and exit the match before jumping out of the plane, or play the whole match and try your best to win.
Step 6) – By any of the methods, you should receive a Special Airdrop offer check if it has a pet, and buy it with the money from the EarnEasy app.
Step 7) – Enjoy with your new pet.

2) – Gold

Unlike the other items in the free fire, many pets can be bought with gold. Usually, the good items are only sold for diamonds, but there are many pets in the free fire which can be bought with both gold and diamonds.

If you already have a lot of gold, you can just open the store and go to the Pets section and buy your favorite pet. If you don’t have enough gold or you are saving your gold for something different, you should play more matches than usual, complete daily challenges, use items like double gold cards for earning more gold, and then you can buy your pet.

3) – Giveaway

This is the most effortless method for getting any item like Pets, Diamonds, or Skins in free fire or any game free. A giveaway is a tactic used by the small YouTubers and Content creators to gain attention from the audience. The best platform for finding giveaways is YouTube where you will find countless creators ready to spend their money for attention.

The negative point in this method is that there are also many fake fraud videos and Livestreams which not only waste your time but also of them fetch your information in the name of Giveaway criteria.

The most efficient way of finding the ongoing and genuine giveaways is:-
Step 1) – Open YouTube and click on the search bar.
Step 2) – Search for “Free fire Pets giveaway”.
Step 3) – Click on ” Filters ” And choose the “Upload Time” as “Last Hour”.
Step 4) – Participate in as many giveaways as you can.
Step 5) – Wait until you win one of the giveaways.

4) – Pet events

Garena keeps on introducing new seasons and events in free fire and free fire max and there’s also a special event called Pets event, in this event, you have to complete missions and you can get free pets for completing those missions.

There is one more event called Top up event where you have to buy a certain amount of Diamonds and you can get a free reward for doing that even without spending the bought diamonds. Sometimes this event gives away Pets as a reward.

Conclusion(How to get free pet in free fire 2022)

This is exactly how to get free pet in free fire 2022
Step 1) – Download Google Opinions Rewards, sign up and earn money from surveys then withdraw the money.
Step 2) – Open free fire and check if you have an Airdrop, if you don’t then start a classic match and exit before landing and you will get a special Airdrop.
Step 3) – Check if the airdrop contains a pet, if not repeat the previous step for another Airdrop or wait for another Airdrop.
Step 4) – Buy the Airdrop which contains a pet that you want.

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