How to get free fire advanced server 2022

How to get free fire advanced server 2022

How to get free fire advanced server 2022

Free fire is growing its downloads and popularity day by day. Most of its downloaders are active and regular players who play free fire daily.

Free fire is a kind of game where a player can not be bored it’s a multiplayer game and the possibilities in every match are different. One more reason why free fire remains enjoyable for its players is its frequent updates.

How to get free fire advanced server 2022
How to get free fire advanced server 2022

Free fire is updated after every few months. And players enjoy the new things that come along with the update.

Now, the reason all of the updates given by free-fire are good is not only because its developers are very good or anything else, of course, but it is also one of the reasons.

But one more very important thing that makes all the free fire updates well is because they are tested and played by actual free fire players on the advanced server before being launched officially on the regular game.

The developers of free fire first apply the upcoming update on the advanced server and let the players of the advanced server play it, then they take reviews and suggestions, then they change and improve those things which need it.

Only some selected players can play in the advanced server and test the latest updates before others. So, if you want to be one of those few players then read this article to the end, and follow the instructions.

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How to get free fire advanced server 2022

Many large games and game franchises launch a beta version of their game and updates before releasing them officially. Free fire advanced server is very similar to that.

Here, the developers release the new content, element, or update on the advanced server to test it and take suggestions to solve all the bugs, glitches, and mistakes. And once they are convinced that the update is fully ready, then they release it on the official version.

This way, the developers are benefitted because they don’t have to worry about testing and they can find all the mistakes without investing anything. The players are also uplifted because they get to enjoy an update before anyone else.

The developers also reward the testers of advanced servers by giving them diamonds and other in-game items.

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What are the benefits of advanced server in free fire

As I said earlier, a free-fire advanced server is beneficial for both developers and players. You already know that developers get benefitted because they get free testers for the new items and updates but now let’s just talk about how it is great for the players too.

First of all, you can experience new things before everyone else.
You can make a video of the latest items before other creators to promote your social media like YouTube or Instagram.

You get rewarded with in-game items like diamonds and skins if you find bugs and glitches in the update.
You get to use all the exclusive and expensive characters, skins, pets, and bundles.

There are plenty of other benefits too but these are all the main points. If you are a content creator or thinking about being a content creator then being part of an advanced server can help you exceptionally or if you are just trying to get some free diamonds then also it is an excellent method.

How to download free fire advanced server in 2022

Now, let’s actually talk about how to get a free fire advanced server. You may find a lot of different ways of downloading the free fire advanced server, but below are given the most natural ways of getting and downloading a free fire advanced server.

– Free fire portal website –

This is the method of getting a free fire advanced server that is listed on the official website. So, you can say that this is the most genuine way of getting free fire advanced server but maybe not the most fast way.

Firstly, visit the free fire advanced server official website or just click here: free fire advance server 2022

You need to register by clicking on the β€œLogin Facebook” option.

Now, enter the necessary information like your name, mobile number, and email address and proceed to the β€œJoin Now” button.

By completing the previous steps, you will be registered for the advanced server. You can download it from that website when the server is live.

Once you have the APK file you can proceed to play in the advanced server but you have to get the activation code.

– Direct download-

If you don’t want to wait for the website to go live then you can directly download the advanced server APK file and enter the activation code.


You can find the activation codes from the internet yourself or you can just try the codes given below.

Activation codes: How to get free fire advanced server 2022
CODE 1: 01C5BU16HWO8Z1OD (New)

Conclusion –How to get free fire advanced server 2022

You can get free fire advanced server by the given steps:
Go to the free fire advanced server official website or click this link: Garena free fire

Enter your details like name and email and click the Join button.
Now, you can download the APK file when the server is live and start playing after finding and entering the activation code to the advanced server.

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