How to fix lag in free fire max 2022

How to fix lag in free fire max, 60+ FPS on low-end phones

How to fix lag in free fire max, 60+ FPS on low-end phones

When Garena launched free fire, they had a clear vision that they wanted to make an online mobile battle royale game that everyone can play and they did.

How to fix lag in free fire max 2022
How to fix lag in free fire max 2022

After the huge success of free fire, now Garena had to increase their standards and launched free fire max that has everything better than free fire but the problem was it was supposed to be played only by players with high-end phones so that they can experience the extraordinary graphics in free fire max.

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So, because of its high hardware requirements, not many players can play it but now we have published this article which contains all the methods and tricks on How to fix lag in free fire max 2022.

I can guarantee you that after reading this article, you will exactly know “How to fix lag in free fire max 2022.

Although this article is especially for people with low-end devices even if you have a high-end device and you are still having issues with lag in free fire max, you can also apply the tips given in the article to fix lag in free fire max.

How to fix lag in free fire max

If you are facing lag while playing free fire max, it could be because of two reasons. The first reason can be low-end hardware, which means that you don’t have a device that matches the system requirements for free fire max but we can help with that issue if you follow the below methods.

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The second reason can be bad internet, this is a very common issue in India but there are some ways by which you can overcome this issue, but first, we have to exactly know if you have a bad internet or not.

How to know if you have bad internet?

There are many ways to know if you have a good or bad internet like the internet speed checker websites but the problem with them is that they only show the internet speed at its best which in most situations is not very accurate.

So, to know the actual results just observe the ping in free fire max while you play a game which is shown right beside the map on the top left side of the screen. If the ping is surpassing 200 then you probably have bad internet or the reason for the lag is just your device.

How to fix lag in free fire max 2022

1) – Use GFX Tool

In most low-end phones, the performance settings for games like free fire max are locked but tools like GFX Tool for free fire max can unlock those settings and allow you and your phone to play at higher settings and play at 40 FPS or 60 FPS or you can even play in high or ultra graphics.

Although I will not recommend you to increase your graphics to high or ultra, instead you should play at smooth graphics even if your device supports higher graphics to increase the performance and fix lag in free fire max.

Rather than unlocking higher graphics, you should unlock higher FPS settings in free fire max because it can make your gameplay smoother and better which is your first step towards fixing lag in free fire max.

After unlocking the performance settings you can change the settings in free fire max by the following steps:-

Step 1) – Open free fire max and log in.
Step 2) – Click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the home screen.
Step 3) – Open the Display menu.
Step 4) – Change the graphics settings to smooth and FPS settings to Ultra.

2) – Use a VPN

VPNs are usually used for online privacy and changing IP addresses but these can also be used for the purpose of improving network strength.

There are sometimes when your network strength completely drops when you open a specific app Or game but this problem can be easily solved with the help of a VPN. Lag is also a direct cause of weak network strength so a VPN can totally fix lag in free fire max in your phone Or device.

There are many free and paid VPNs available on the Play store but my personal recommendation is Potato VPN, you can easily find it on the Play store.

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3) – Close all other tabs

There are many people who forget to close their previous apps from the background but this habit can directly increase ping and lag in free fire max.

The apps that run in the background affect your phone’s gaming performance in two ways.

First, they consume a lot of your device’s ram and that leads to less performance in the game. Multiple background apps can also cause your phone to overheat which is not good for battery life and performance.

Secondly, the background apps also use your internet speed and cause lag in free fire max even if you have good internet. So, because of all these reasons, you should always close all your background apps before starting to play free fire max.

4) – Clear cache memory

Cache memory is the unimportant data that consume your internal storage and performance in your phone.

Cache memory is not intentionally downloaded, it is just downloaded automatically while playing the game, and deleting it does not change anything except providing more extra storage and better performance.

You can easily delete the cache memory by following the given steps:-

Step 1) – Go to your phone’s settings.
Step 2) – Go to “Apps” And click on “Manage apps”.
Step 3) – Search for free fire max and click on it.
Step 4) – Down at the bottom, you will see an option as ” Clear data” Click it and then choose “Clear cache”.

You will have to clear cache memory after every few days.

5) – Use a Game Boosters

All the new smartphones on the market have their own Game Boosters installed in them. These Game boosters have additional touch response and sound settings in them to improve the overall gaming experience.

Now, these may sound similar to GFX Tool but these are different because of their features. You can also prioritize the internet speed for games.

If your phone doesn’t have a default game booster you can easily download one from the Play store for free.


Q1. How can I fix my lag in free fire max?

Ans- If free fire max is lagging in your phone you should change your graphics settings to smooth and FPS settings to ultra. You should also try to use a VPN to improve the network strength. Clear cache memory from free fire max. Open this article for many more tips to fix lag in free fire max.

Q2. Why is free fire max lagging in my phone?

Ans- Free fire max can be lagging in your phone because of a bad and weak internet connection or maybe your phone does not meet the hardware requirements. Open this article to know how to fix lag in free fire max.

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