4 Best ways to earn money by playing free fire in India

If you have opened this article it means you are searching for how to earn money by playing free fire in India easily without investment, also you have read many articles but not found any legit way to earn money if your yes is yes not worry because we have mentioned 4 proven ways to earn money through free fire.

If you have opened this article it means you are searching for how to earn money by playing free fire in India easily without investment, also you have read many articles but not found any legit way to earn money if your yes is yes not worry because we have mentioned 4 proven ways to earn money through free fire.

There are millions of players who play free fire regularly and there are millions of them who spend real-life money on it, but there are many others who never want to spend their money on a game.

 earn money by playing free fire in India
How to earn money by playing free fire in India

Today this article is going to be a jackpot for both types of players because this article is not going to be about spending money on free fire, this one is going to be about earning money from free fire. 

It is true that the gaming industry is growing faster than ever and gamers now have a lot of options to earn money.

It doesn’t matter if you are a pro or not, and neither does it matter if you have a large investment, the most important thing is that you must have a desperation for gaming and earning money.

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Most of the methods told in this article a tried by many others before and you can be a successor too if you just work smart enough instead of working hard enough.

But remember, none of these methods are going to earn you passive income, you have to work for it, and if you do it the right way you can even earn up to $2000 or 2,00,000 rupees in 2022.

Let me clarify that, if you are looking for a money hack that can earn you lakhs of money for free without any contribution then you are on the wrong article, but if you are mature enough that money is not something that you can hack and get for free then I promise this is the best article you can find. 

How to earn money by playing free fire in India

  1. Create an Instagram page

Content creation is one of the best ways of earning money through free fire and gaming. Free fire is a very famous game and has a huge fan base that looks for good quality content that they can relate to and you can do that with the help of free fire. 

After the introduction of reels on Instagram, it has become a great platform for gamers and content creators because they can now showcase their skills, talent, and humor to a large audience.

Now, don’t make the mistake of not trying by thinking that you are not good enough at the free fire or any other game.

There are many ways of creating gaming content without being a very pro player you can ask your pro friends to record and send you some good clips.

And you can make a montage out of all clips or you can even get clips from your enemies by challenging them, then you have to die early and record their whole gameplay while spectating.Β 

If you look at one of the biggest gaming channels like Mythpat, Live Insaan, and Carryislive, all of them were not very good at all the games in the beginning but everyone liked them because the audience could relate to their content, the audience liked it and it was unique. 

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I am sure if you follow my given principles then no one can stop you from being better than everyone.


1. Improve the quality of your videos and content after every post.

2. Take honest suggestions from your audience and friends.Β 

3. Think and try something unique, it’s okay if it doesn’t work.Β 

4. Be patient, you can do nothing even by rushing everything. 

Now, let’s talk about the most important part how do you start making money after gaining an audience? The first way is pretty simple, you just have to do paid promotion.

It is a method where you post for someone else so that your followers go and follow the other person, you can get paid every by doing this, the larger audience you have, the more money you can ask for. 

The second method is called the account flipping method. This simply means that you make multiple accounts, post videos on them regularly, and grow them, after they have gained decent followers then you can sell the account to someone else.

The amount of money you make from this method depends on how much time it takes you to grow an account. You can also promote your new accounts through your already famous and old accounts.

So, because this method has no minimum requirements and is so easy to do that’s why we have added it to our article about β€œ how to earn money by playing free fire in India easily without investment in 2022β€œ.

Content creation feels really hard at first but when you start getting some money and earning equal to your efforts, all of it feels very easy, you just have to be active more often and talk to many people online. 

  1. Organize free fire competitions

This is a quick method to make money but requires intelligence, if you think you are decently smart then this is a great one for you.

How to organise a free fire tournament in 2022

If you and your friends are hard-core free fire fans then you must have challenged each other in a custom room, both the challengers also may have put some money on being, this is very similar to that but this thing is a little larger than that and you are going to be the one who earns the most money, even more than the winner.Β 

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This method does not require you to have good skills because you are not going to be the one who competes but if you are a very good player then it is even better because then you can compete and if you win it then you don’t even have to give away prize money and your profit is maximum. 

So, now if you have understood how tournaments work then let’s proceed to the steps:-

Step 1) – Create your own Google Form and ask for information like free fire nickname, UID, E-mail, or Whatsapp number. 

Remember to put some images of online payment in the Google form, as proof so that people believe you are genuine. 

Step 2) – Share the link of that Google form with your friends and their friends, you should also share it on your social media. It is better if you make separate social media accounts for tournaments. 

If you can invest about 50β‚Ή-100β‚Ή it would be great because then you can promote your tournament and your social media on a decent free-fire Instagram page.

An Instagram story is not that expensive and if you get a good poster then you can get a lot of players to come and participate. 

Step 3) – Make sure you get more than 50 entries on the Google form, set a fixed time for the tournament, and send bulks of emails to the accounts that are registered in the Google form.

Receive the entry fees from everyone, the entry fees depend on how many players enter the tournament. You have to do some calculations. 

Step 4) – After the tournament is finished, send the prize money to everyone and keep what is left.

You can do these tournaments about 2 times a week at first but then as many as you want after you have gained guaranteed participants for your tournaments on your social media.Β 

If you like to consider my personal recommendation then I will definitely suggest you try this method to earn money by playing free fire in 2022. 

I know you are thinking that what if we don’t give the prize money after the tournament and keep all the money, the problem with that is, first of all, it will only be a one-time thing and you wouldn’t be able to continue this for much longer and the second thing is that it will be like a scam and scams never bring good endings. 

  1. Free Fire e-Sports

Since the time when online games like PUBG, free fire, Valiant, and Call Of Duty have become famous, the e-Sports industry is rising above everything else.

4 ways to earn money by playing free fire in India
Free Fire e-Sports

There are multiple organizations that organize e-Sports in India and other countries and the prize pools are so big that you can’t even imagine earning that much money by playing free fire or any other game. 

Garena, the free fire developer itself organizes many official free fire tournaments frequently and there is also an annual free fire tournament held by Garena called Free Fire India Tournament where the prize this year will be 75,00,000.

This method can earn you more money than any other method if you are a really good player.

We don’t recommend it to everyone because everyone is not skilled enough to compete in tournaments but this method surely is a really good way to earn money by playing free fire in 2022. 

If you are a little afraid of taking part in any big tournament then you can start by taking part in small local tournaments and custom rooms organized by individuals or guilds. 


To enter the FFIC tournament, these are the following requirements:

1. Your age must be 16 years or more to register for this tournament.

2. Your nationality should be Indian or Nepali.Β 

3. Your game rank should be Diamond 1 and your level should at least be 40.

4. Your team should have 5 or 6 players, only 4 players a team is not enough in case someone is injured. 

  1. YouTube

I have already talked about content creation on Instagram to earn money but now let’s talk about the most famous platform for uploading videos and streaming live on YouTube.

Unlike Instagram, YouTube has been a video platform for a very long time and almost all the famous free-fire gamers use YouTube to upload videos. 

YouTube is also a little hard than Instagram to be famous but once you are a little famous, there are a lot more possibilities than on Instagram to earn money. Also, the new feature of YouTube shorts brings more chances of success. 

First of all, you should start your channel by uploading free fire shorts. Shorts can bring you the starting push that you need, the content in the video should be a headshot montage or a tutorial for something because that is the area that the bigger creators don’t cover.

Don’t forget to put tags in the description. After uploading a lot of shorts, you have to share your videos and channel on different places and platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Quora.

After gaining about 50-100 subscribers, you should start uploading 5-6 minute long videos along with shorts. The longer videos will be the ones that earn you the most money later. 

Your starting videos may or may not bring a lot of views and results but you just have to be consistent, desperate, and determined, after uploading a minimum of 15 videos, you will start to see some better results. 

You should definitely try this method seriously because all you have to do is play free fire, record it and then edit the recording. You can also learn basic editing while doing this if you are not already familiar with it.

All these reasons add this method to this article about How to earn money by playing free fire 2022.

Now let’s talk about how you earn money on YouTube after getting subscribers:

  1. AdSense:- After gaining 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time in under a year, you can apply for AdSense, then you start earning money from ads on YouTube. The AdSense money(CPC) in India is low but you can still earn good money by uploading videos on the right keywords. 
  1. Paid Promotion:- Just like Instagram, you can start paid promotion on YouTube too. If you become a big creator then you can promote brands but in the starting, you can promote other small creators for some money. 

You can also be a part of the free fire partner program by having a decent YouTube channel with 1000 subscribers, in this program players, get free diamonds and skins in the free fire to make videos and promote free fire.

The only requirement is that half of the videos should be based on free fire. 

Alternatives of YouTube

1. BOOYAH! Partner Program

2. LOCO app

3. Twitch

Conclusion[How to earn money by playing free fire in India]

You can earn money from playing free fire easily in 2022, even if you don’t play it very well. These are the best ways of doing so:

1. Create an Instagram page

2. Organize small free fire tournaments

3. Free fire e-Sports

4. YouTube or BOOYAH! 

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