How to become a pro player in free fire max 2022

Garena free fire max is a very popular game and many players play it on regular basis.

Garena free fire max is a very popular game and many players play it on regular basis.

So, because there are so many regular players coming into your match as your enemies it is naturally hard to win which most people do not like, for the solution to this you also have to be a pro player which is very hard. So, to climb up the competition.

I am writing this article with all the useful information you need in order to be a pro player in free fire max.

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free fire headshot
How to become a pro player in free fire max 2022

You should remember that you cannot be good at something just after doing it once or twice, you have to practice more times than you can count to be better than everybody.

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Best tips on How to become a pro player in free fire max 2022

1) – The right Sensitivity

Sensitivity is most probably one of the most important things in free fire max. In free fire max, your gameplay can exceptionally improve upon changing the sensitivity in the right direction.

Sensitivity settings of free fire For 3 GB Ram

I have always said in my previous articles that the right sensitivity depends on your device and you which is what I want to tell you right now.

You should keep experimenting with the sensitivity until it suits you completely but I can give a starting point, the sensitivity below has shown positive results for most of the players.

General: 90

Red Dot: 90

2x Scope: 85

4x Scope: 80

Sniper Scope: 80

Free Look: 75

2) – The Graphics Settings

You may have heard or seen your friends showing off about playing free fire max on the highest graphics settings to make you feel jealous, let me tell you that playing on high graphics settings can oppose you from playing well.

Unlike free fire, free fire max is a little extra performance demanding and it can make your phone struggle during some intense situations in a match even if it’s a very expensive and high-end device.

So, the best performance setting in free fire max is:-

Smooth Graphics

High FPS

3) – Play all game modes like Clash Squad

Free fire max is known for being a Battle Royale and shooting game. So, it is very important to be great in both of them for being a pro player.

Many players make the mistake of keeping on playing the Battle Royale mode for better practice but that is not a very effective method for being a pro player.

How to become a pro player in free fire max 2022

You have to be good at using guns, taking cover, sniping, using melee e.t.c and to be officially called a pro player and you cannot gain experience and skins in all those things just by playing battle royale.

Free fire max has many different modes with different gameplay and by practicing and playing all the game modes you can eventually improve all the essential skills needed in being a battle royale pro player.

The game mode that I will recommend the most is Clash Squad because it is a very fast-paced game mode and includes all the training needed for being a pro at battle royale. So, you can do all the training by actually competing with players, improving rank having fun really quickly.

4) – Play in free fire max training ground

Free fire max has an exceptionally better training ground than any other famous battle royale game.

You can start improving Instantly in that mode. There are always a lot of players available for training you can keep respawning, trying, and shooting without any delay.

The best way to play in the training ground in free fire max

My personal best recommendation will be to get a gun that you can already use pretty well, and one other gun that you want to use well.

After entering the training ground, start off by using the gun you use well and play with it for a little while then after gaining some confidence switch to the gun you want to use and use it until you die 2 or 3 times and repeat the cycle and at one point you will be using both the guns amazingly.

FAQ (How to become a pro player in free fire max 2022)

Which game is a better free fire or free fire max?

Garena had intended to make free fire max better in every term like graphics, mechanics e.t.c because it was a sequel. So officially, we can say that free fire max is better than free fire.

How to get more headshots in free fire max 2022?

For instant improvements and more headshots in free fire max, you should change your graphics settings to smooth, FPS too high, and sensitivity to:-
General: 90-100
-Red Dot: 90-100
-2x Scope: 85
-4x Scope: 80
-Sniper Scope: 80
-Free Look: 75-90

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