How to get a v badge in free fire

If you looking for how to get a v badge in the free fire for free then this article is totally for you today we have disclosed some of the free fire v badge codes that you can utilize for free to obtain a v badge in the free fire.

We give 2 codes daily for a free fire v badge. Because of our gaming youtube channel. So quickly go down and copy the code and check it. Otherwise, other gamers can use the code.

Free fire v badge code tricks
v badge free fire

If you want to get a free fire v badge, then you can also take it through code. Or you can take it by following the rules. In which you can join Free Fire’s partner program.

How many people are using Free Fire v Badges?

Let us tell you that in India, around 200 people have got v badges of Free Fire. Gamer’s trend toward it is increasing.

Currently, 15 thousand monthly and 17 thousand global Google searches are being done in India, how to get v badge in free fire, so let’s read the full article. The whole way will be understood.

comparison between pro and noob
How to get v badge in free fire

About Verified badge in Free Fire

Verified badge in Free Fire: There’s a lot of stuff or items that players can get by completing events in Free Fire.

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Aside from gun skins and dresses, Free Fire’s developers added badges that players could earn by completing simple events or rising through the ranks.

How to get v badge in free fire code

The Direct Path to the Permanent V Badge is through the Free Fire Partner Program. It’s for content creators who work for a free fire game promotion 

Following the procedures below, Free Fire players can still utilize the V badge icon in their profile:

  • Step 1: On your device, launch Free Fire. By touching on your profile board in the top left corner, you may access your profile area.
  • Step 2: Next to your profile name, tap on the pencil icon.
  • Step 3: Paste this code into your browser: [b][c][ffd319]
  • β“‹[i][FF0000].
  • Copy and paste this code into the box where there is room to write and save it.
  • When the players look at your profile, they can see the V badge.

Who is eligible for a free fire v badge code?

Some rules have been made to get this from the Garena Free Fire Company. Some conditions have to be fulfilled for a free fire v badge pane. If you meet this criterion then you will easily be entitled to get a free fire v badge.

Eligibility criteria for free fire v badge

  • A YouTube channel with over one million subscribers is required.
  • last 30 days, your YouTube channel must have received 300,000 views.
  • Ascertain that Free Fire material accounted for 80% of your views.
  • Even if you satisfy the criteria, you may not be accepted into the Garena Partner program since a limited amount of spots are available.

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Can I get a free fire v badge code on this site?

There is also a simple funda, those Free Fire players who come first will get this code and those who come late to this site will have to wait for the next day again.

Because we give code for Limited Free Fire Color V Badges.

Below is a code for a free fire v badge for you. Copy it and paste it in your Free Fire account. After that check And yes, if this code is not working, it simply means that other free-fire players have come before you and have used this code.

free fire v badge photo,
free fire v badge photo

How to get v badge in free fire code

Garena Free Fire has built a partner program for content creators and influencers who help promote the free fireΒ game.

Garena Free Fire rewards such partners with a variety of exclusive goodies in exchange.

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The partner receives benefits such as diamonds, premium event items, and more, as well as the V badge in the account. Free Fire V Badge Colour Code

Joining the Free Fire Partner Program has some fantastic prerequisites.

How to get the Colours of V badges code?

Colors v badge free fire code copy Free Fire V Badge Colour Code

updated a few min ago

v badge code

V Badge Code For Gold Tier [b][c][ffd319]β“‹[i][FF0000]
V Badge Code For Diamond Tier [G][T][ffd319]β“‹[i][FF0034]

additional v badge free fire code copy paste

  • Verified (V) Badge Light Blue Color Code [b][c][ffd319]β“‹
  • Verified (V) Badge Parrot green Color Code [b][c][bfff6d]β“‹
  • Verified (V) Badge Scarlet Blue Color Code [b][c][00c6ff]β“‹


Q. What are the methods? Where can I get v badges in the free fire?

If you want to get color v badges in free fire then there are 2 ways
Garena partner program

Q. What features will we get after getting v badges in Free Fire?

Custom Room Cards.
Financial Compensation
Official invitation to the tournament event

Q. Can normal free-fire players get v badges?

If you want to take Free Fire v Badges, then you have to fulfill the conditions set by Free Fire which are mentioned above. Then you will get v badges.

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