Free Fire Emote Unlock

want to know about free fire emote unlock tricks then you are on the right page.
Free fire is a competitive game not only skills-wise but also looks-wise.

And to maintain their account’s luxury pro players keep buying new clothes, characters, and emotes and we are going to talk about emotes in this article. If you want to flex among your gamer friends it’s kind of compulsory to have exclusive and rare skins and emotes.

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But many of you aren’t able to get these expensive items as they cost a lot in real-life money, but if you have reached this article, we promise that you won’t have to struggle more.

Because we have drafted the two most effective ways to get any expensive and rare emotes in this article for totally free, we will tell you free fire emote unlock hack to equip all emotes

free fire best emotes

These are some very popular names of free-fire emotes.

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  1. Tea Time
  2. Eat My Dust
  3. FFWC Throne
  4. Flower’s Of Love
  5. Obliteration

free fire emote unlock hack

There are several ways to hack free fire emotes but we’re going to share only working ways to unlock free fire emotes.

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Redeem code

Every game has its own unique codes that we can use in the item shop to get items in free or at discounted rates and so do free fire.

free fire character with a yellow background
free fire character

Free fire has a number of codes that can be used to get free emotes with hacking and legally from the item shop.

All you have to do to apply these redeem codes or search for the other redeem codes from the internet and follow the below steps.

Redeem Code to unlock free fire emote
-Lol Emote: EMOTECLAIM32
-Soul shaking Emote: EMOTECLAIM28
-Jaguar Dance Emote: EMOTECLAIM31
-Dab Emote: EMOTECLAIM54
-Battle Dance Emote: EMOTECLAIM33
-Flowers of love Emote: EMOTECLAIM09
-Provoke Emote: EMOTECLAIM12
-Shoot Dance Emote: EMOTECLAIM98
-Baby shark Emote: EMOTECLAIM45
-Piece of cake Emote: EMOTECLAIM54
-Chicken Emote: EMOTECLAIM43

How to use redeem code

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Step 1: Copy the redeem code of your preferred Emote by the name and follow the next step.
Step 2: First clear all the background running apps or restart your phone.
Step 3: Now go to settings > Manage apps > Select free fire > Now you will see a clear data option. You have to select it.
Step 4: Now open any browser and search for “ff redemption”. Now log in by the free fire account in the account you want the emote.
Step 5: Now paste the redeem code you copied earlier from our article in the popup form.
Step 6: Now finally, you open free fire and receive your free emote.

free fire unlocking apps

You must have watched some ads of fake diamonds or gold generator or that kind of thing which don’t work but what if I tell you there is an app in which you will get free emotes for just watching ads.

FFEmotes app is an app in which you have to watch ads and claim you’re emoting. It’s 100% genuine and totally free. Below are the steps for installing and claiming emotes from FFEmotes.

  • Step 1: Open your play store and click on the search bar, and type “FFEmotes”, you will find the app, and now just install it.
  • Step 2: Once you have installed the app just sign up with your gmail account, and don’t worry they won’t spam in your inbox.
  • Step 3: After installing and signing up now you will see an option for “Watch videos and earn” You click on it and watch ads and earn gems. You can swipe left and right and check how much gems are essential for the emote you want. After collecting enough just exchange them.

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Q. How to equip all free fire emotes?

You can have up to 6 emotes in your loadout. By these steps, you can equip your motes in your loadout. First, open your collection, then emotes, you will be shown all the available emotes, select the emote click on “equip” on the right side. If you want to unequip and emote you simply have to select that emote and click on “unequip”.

Q. Can you hack all emotes?

No, No is a simple answer to this question but if we talk about the reason then, it’s that you can hack the emotes and get all the emotes and enjoy but as soon as you open the game for the second time to have the same fun then you will receive a ban notice from the game which can significantly affect your mood.

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