Fortnite guide for beginners for PC/Mobile 2022

Fortnite guide for beginners for PC/Mobile 2022

This article is for all the new players who are trying Fortnite for the first time, this is a beginner’s guide.

Fortnite tips and tricks (2022)

Fortnite is a very renowned battle royale game for pc and it was also released for mobile devices a little while ago.

At one time it was the most played online game and almost everyone enjoyed it, but now it has lost its charm there are still millions of people who haven’t played Fortnite yet, and this article is going to provide all the necessary information and tips that will help you in having a pleasant experience.

Fortnite guide for beginners for PC/Mobile 2022
Fortnite guide for beginners for PC/Mobile 2022

It is the beauty of online games that they give different situations and experiences in every different match and Fortnite is no different.

If you have played online shooting games in the past then you may be familiar with its shooting mechanics but there are a whole lot of other things that you have to worry about, and a whole bunch of things that can help you.

This article is going to provide all the information along with useful tips for every situation and every important thing.

So, read through this article completely to get all the vital details and tips.

Fortnite guide for beginners for PC/Mobile 2022

1- Use the compass to find the enemy’s location

Fortnite has a big map and you can get all the geographical information about the map through the mini-map in the top right corner.

But the developers have also provided a compass to players on the top which usually isn’t used to find places because it would be too complex, rather players use the minimap because it is far simpler but the compass also has a significant use too. So, let’s go into details.

When a nearby enemy makes a loud sound such as a shooting, the players around that area are notified through the compass.

The compass shows a red diamond-shaped symbol in the direction of the enemy.

You can also figure out the distance of the enemy, just remember that if the diamond shown on the compass is faded then the enemy is far.

If the diamond on the compass is dark and clear then the enemy is near.

2- Don’t rush to the safe zone

Almost every battle royale game has a progressive danger zone to make the game more difficult and interesting.

Players are supposed to stay inside the safe zone that is shown on the map, but if you want some extra kills and XP then you should not immediately rush into the safe zone. Let’s discuss it in detail.

When you are dropped from the battle bus, you can land wherever you want without worrying about the safe zone because you are not shown the location of the final zone but as time passes you are given a hint of the final zone.

Many players start rushing into the safe zone with only half loot and less ammo, but this habit can make any player regret this decision.

When you rush to the safe zone, you miss out on so much loot and if you bump into an enemy with just the basic loot then your death is ensured.

And if you stay outside the safe zone then you can also find some running enemies with low health, which means free kills.

But remember don’t stay outside the safe zone too long because sometimes you will be in the situation to give someone else a free kill. If you get too far behind then just find a car, truck or IO tank to get near the safe zone fast.

3- Gather building resources early

Every famous and legendary game has a unique factor or feature which makes the players like the game and Fortnite, it was built.

Fortnite has recently added a no-build mode for the players who don’t like the building feature but I believe that if you are a beginner then you should try a thing before neglecting it.

So, let’s discuss the advantages we get by collecting building resources early.

In Fortnite, you can destroy buildings and houses to collect steel, wood, and stone.

When you land at a location it is easier to collect these resources because all these resources are untouched and you can collect them while finding loot.

But later in the match most of the houses and buildings are already destroyed. You can collect some extra resources while just running into the zone or finding chests in houses but it is better if you have wood and stone piled up early in case of a large fight where you need to build a tower and large structures.

Fortnite beginners guide 2022

Conclusion –

If you are a beginner and trying to learn Fortnite, then these are some useful tips you can use during a match.

  • Use the compass to find the enemy’s location
  • Don’t rush to the safe zone
  • Gather building resources early
  • Drink small shield potions before drinking a large one to get the full shield
  • Assault rifles or SMGs are good weapons for beginners
  • Use headphones
  • Build a complete cover to heal

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