Best legend in apex legends mobile for beginners

Best legend in apex legends mobile for beginners

Best legend in apex legends mobile for beginners

Best legend in apex legends mobile for beginners
Best legend in apex legends mobile for beginners

The newly launched game “Apex legends mobile” Is growing its popularity very fast all across the world. All the gamers who couldn’t play Apex legends earlier because it was only supported on PC can now easily enjoy it through their mobile. Apex legends mobile is very similar to Apex legends like its graphics, gameplay, and mobile are very same, so now players can enjoy a AAA pc battle royale game on their mobile devices.

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However, the developers have not included all the legends and maps in Apex legends that were available in the Apex legends PC version. Today, we will only talk about the legends/characters of Apex legends mobile. The developers have included 10 legends in Apex legends mobile from Apex legends.

All these legends have multiple and unique abilities to use in their battle. Some of the legends have sprinting and escaping tactical abilities, some have defensive abilities and some have healing abilities. It means not only the abilities and tactics are unique but the genre and specialties are also different.

As Apex legends mobile is a new game, most of the players in a game are new players and they do not know much about the game and legends that’s why this article will discuss about the “Top 3 legends in Apex legends mobile for beginners”. As this article is specifically about ” The best legend in Apex legends mobile for beginners ” So if you are a beginner, you must read the full article.

Best legend in apex legends mobile for beginners

3) – Octane

Best legend in apex legends mobile for beginners
Best legend in apex legends mobile for beginners

Octane is one of the first legends you receive in Apex legends mobile. You receive it just after you finish the tutorial in the game. If you are a beginner then it is a perfect choice for you, especially if you are also among the aggressive and fast players. Octane is the fastest legend in the game and all of his abilities help him in pushing into the enemies and also escape if the things did not go as planned.

Octane has 3 abilities:-

1- Swift mend – Swift mend is Octane’s passive ability. This ability allows Octane to heal him while he is not taking damage. This ability can help in many situations like running into the zone when you do not have time to heal or while sniping from distance, you can keep shooting even after getting hit once or twice, just the hits should not be continued. This ability also works when you are knocked down.

2- Stim – Stim is a tactical ability of Octane. It increases his speed by 30% for 6 seconds. However, it reduces his health. If you are already low on health ( below 20HP), it will only damage you until you are left on 1HP and not kill you. Stim can help you get out of a deadly situation with the enemy or get the enemy into a deadly situation with you. This ability helps a lot in battles because you can dodge the bullets with your speed and also confuse the enemy. This ability also helps when you are outside the zone.

3- LaunchPad – LaunchPad is Octane’s ultimate ability. By using this ability, Octane places a launchpad in front of him which launches him high into the sky, he can also move mid-air. All the players including the enemies and teammates can use the launchpad too. It has a cooldown of 60 seconds so the octane can use it after every minute. This launchpad can get him onto tall buildings, bridges, hills, and houses to surprise the enemies with his bullets. It can also help in escaping the zone or the enemy players.

In conclusion, Octane is a great choice for new players because his abilities are not very complex and he is also liked by fast and aggressive players for his speed and the other abilities and also because he is a great choice for 1 v 1 fights. If you think you can control his speed then you should definitely give him a try. Octane also has some very useful perks and finishers.

2) – Mirage

Best legend in apex legends mobile for beginners
Best legend in apex legends mobile for beginners

Mirage is a holographic trickster, he is one of the most used and strongest legends in Apex legends mobile. You can get mirage for free in the “Rookie rewards” Or at reaching level 24, I suggest you claim him from the rookie rewards because it is a way faster method than reaching level 24. He can be a passive or an aggressive player because his abilities are very adaptive and can ve used in various ways. He has some passive and tactical abilities which are very useful during a battle.

Mirage has 3 abilities:-

1- Now you see me – It is a passive ability that cloaks you/makes you invisible while you are reviving your teammates and using a respawn beacon. When you get knocked down, this ability immediately cloaks you/makes you invisible for a few seconds, and spawns a fake decoy/copy of you to confuse the enemy. This ability can be a lifesaver in difficult situations.

2- Psyche Out – Psyche Out is a tactical ability used by Mirage to create his own multiple decoys/copies to confuse enemies. These decoys are so real that the enemies are unable to figure out the real Mirage. While the enemies are busy shooting your decoys, you get the time to hide and heal. You can also use this ability to just bump into the enemies and knock them out while they are confused by your decoys.

The problem with the decoys is that they can be easily identified by veterans/pro players, so you have to be fast after using the ability. You also have an option to control a decoy.

3- Life of the Party – Life of the Party is an ultimate ability. This ability is similar to the tactical ability Psyche Out but this ultimately is a lot more polished by the additions in it like, Mirage briefly cloaks and runs faster after using this ability, the decoys not only stand, they also mimic your movements. As I said, this ability is similar to the tactical ability, so this ability can also be used to escape from the enemies or push into the enemies.

  • Mirage can also use his tactical ability to create him and his teammates while landing. The decoys will go in a different direction from you and your teammates.

Mirage is a complete package of a perfect legend. He has many reasons to be on this list like his abilities that can be used by the players in any manner they want. He can win 1 v 1 or even 1 v 2 battles easily if his abilities are used wisely. You should try him if you are a beginner and have an uncertain technique, just remember to use his abilities at the right times.

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1) – Bloodhound

Best legend in apex legends mobile for beginners
Best legend in apex legends mobile for beginners

Bloodhound is a hunting legend in Apex legends mobile. He is the first legend that you receive in the game. His expertise comes in finding and hunting down an enemy. All of his abilities are focused on hunting. He is also a neutral legend because his abilities can be used to get warned before the enemy attacks or to hunt down the enemy before he is warned. His scouting skill is exceptional and the best in Apex legends mobile.

Bloodhound has 3 abilities:-

1- Tracker – This passive ability allows the bloodhound to see the footprints of the enemies, marks of the fired bullets, and the other clues to warn you of the danger, the clues will be dark red if they are recent and faded if they are old. You are the only one that can see these clues and warnings so you also have to warn your teammates about them. Bloodhounds can also scan the Recons around the map the find the location of the next safe zone.

2- Eye of the AllFather – This tactical ability allows the bloodhound and his teammates to reveal the location of all the enemies in the direction where the bloodhound is looking in a certain area. The enemies also get warned of you being around but they get highlighted so you get their exact location even if they are on the opposite side of a wall means you can also see them through walls. You can use this tactical ability to also look through smoke or gas.

3) – Beast of the Hunt – This ultimate ability unleashes the true power of the bloodhound. After using this ability, the bloodhound can see every clue of the enemy and nearby and also increases his movement speed. For every kill, you do during the duration of this ability, the duration of the ability increases by 5 seconds. The disadvantage of this ability is its huge cooldown of 3 minutes which makes it usable only a few times during a match.

Best legend in apex legends mobile for beginners:-We can easily say that Bloodhound is one of the best choices for a beginner. All of his perks and abilities can help a new player learn about the game. I hope his tactics and abilities also reveal the potential hiding inside you.

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